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Legislative Bill and Veto Jackets

This collection consists of files, or “jackets” dating from 1995-2011, which document the governor’s legislative decision-making process on bills that have been signed into law or vetoed by the executive.  The jackets, which are compiled by the Counsel to the Governor on an annual basis, are comprised mainly of memoranda and correspondence to the governor from state agencies, legislators, legislative committees, commissions, legal associations, lobbyists, private firms, and citizens, expressing approval of or opposition to particular legislation.

These records come from the following series:

12590 Legislative bill and veto jackets, 1883-2011, New York State Counsel to the Governor

Please note that only a portion of this series has been included in this digital collection. Other items exist that are not available online. For earlier bill and veto jackets, or to learn more about these records please contact our office.

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