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Photographs of Historic Sites and Structures, 1936-1963

Film negatives and photoprints of historic sites, buildings, bridges, statues, monuments, and a few persons of statewide or local significance.  These photographs result from several projects, primarily documenting historic sites in New York.  They included a federally sponsored historic sites survey (ca. 1936-1939), preliminary work on the Historical Album of New York State (1941-1942), and a resurvey of historic sites conducted by the Division of Archives and History (ca. 1947-1949).  All images are identified by location and name, and most by date taken.  They are arranged alphabetically by county.

These items come from the following records series:

A0245 Photographs of Historic Sites and Structures, 1936-1963. New York (State). Education Dept. Division of Archives and History.

Please note that only a portion of this series has been included in this digital collection. Other items exist that are not available online. For more information about this collection please contact our office.

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