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Military Collections - American Revolution, 1772-1794

The records in this collection relate to the American Revolution and its aftermath.  Of note are the papers of Major John André, the British spy who collaborated with Benedict Arnold, and bills presented to the state by veterans of the Revolution for supplies, pensions, and other accounts that the state was expected to reimburse (see index below).  Also included are the surveys and land papers of Robert Leake, a Loyalist who had his property confiscated after the war and unsuccessfully sued to have it returned.  Additionally there are instructional lantern slides of images, scenery, sites, and structures relating to the Revolution.

This collection was compiled from the following record series:

A0870 Copies of accounts audited by the auditor general for bills presented to the state, 1780-1794, New York (State). Auditor General.
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A4681 Papers found on British spy Major Andre ("Andre Papers"), 1780. New York (State). Governor (1777-1795 : Clinton).

A0118 Correspondence of the Provincial Congress, Provincial Convention, Committee of Safety, and Council of Safety, 1772-1777, New York (State). Provincial Congress.

A4016 Records of Surveys and Maps of State Lands, 1686-1892, New York State Engineer and Surveyor.

A3045 Instructional lantern slides, ca. 1856-1939, bulk 1911-1939, New York State Education Dept. Division of Visual Instruction.

Please note that only a portion of these series have been included in this digital collection. Other items exist that are not available online. For more information about this collection or to learn about records not represented in the Digital Collections, please contact our office.

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