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Military Collections - World War II, 1942-1945

This series consists of publications and photographs produced by the New York State War Council during World War II, documenting life at the home front and promoting citizen readiness.  Activities depicted include conservation and recycling programs to conserve natural resources, labor camps, physical fitness programs, and nutritional information.

The War Council was organized to coordinate war-related efforts necessary to ensure State and national defense during World War II. In keeping with that mandate, the council undertook a variety of activities, including conducting research on defense issues, especially those relating to supplying material for the war effort; providing the civilian population with civil defense training; administering federal rationing and price control; ensuring an adequate labor supply in war-production industries; and coordinating war efforts among State agencies and local war councils.

This collection was compiled from the following record series:

A4287 Home front information publications file, 1942-1945, New York State War Council. Division of Public Relations.

A4299 Photographs of War Council agency activities, ca. 1942-1945, New York State War Council.

Please note that only a portion of these series have been included in this digital collection. Other items exist that are not available online. For more information about this collection or to learn about records not represented in the Digital Collections, please contact our office.

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