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Document Showcase - Industrialization and Labor

This collection consists of a selection of documents that describe factory conditions in New York in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These documents were brought together as part of our web site's Document Showcase.

The Document Showcase is a regular feature that highlights a topic from State history using records from the New York State Archives. Each Showcase includes sample documents, an historical sketch, and links to educational activities for classroom use.  Images in the Digital Collections provide additional context and relationships.  Please see our full Industrialization and Child Labor Showcase for more information.

The records featured in our Industrialization and Labor showcase come from the following series:

12979-79 Union label registration application files, ca. 1901-1943, New York Department of State

13036-78 Enrolled acts of the State Legislature, 1778-2005, New York Department of State, Bureau of Miscellaneous Records

13682-53 Central subject and correspondence files, 1933-1942, Governor Lehman (1933-1942)

A3024-77 Proofs of brief supporting the conviction of Jacob Balofsky, 1914, New York State Factory Investigating Commission

Please note that only a portion of these series have been included in this digital collection. Other items exist that are not available online. For more information about this collection or to learn about records not represented in the Digital Collections, please contact our office.

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