Disaster Assistance:


If you have experienced a records disasters, contact the State Archives for help through our disaster email account at ARCH_SOS@mail.nysed.gov. We will respond as soon as possible.

Also, refer to these Archives’ publications:

Services and Resources for All Organizations

  • Consultant and Vendor lists
    The State Archives maintains these listings, which include vendors on state contract:

  • Preservation Resources for New York State Cultural Institutions
    The NYS Office of Cultural Education has prepared a list of resources for preserving materials, including records, books, and artifacts.

  • Emergency Equipment Stockpile
    The NYS Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will temporarily lend to local governments and state agencies equipment needed primarily for drought relief, flooding, and emergency power and light generation. Available for loan are power generators; pumps, piping, and water filters; potable water tankers; portable light towers; chainsaws; chlorinators; and sandbag-filling machines. For more information, refer to the tab for Emergency Stockpile.

  • State Contract for Emergency Standby Services
    The NYS Office of General Services’ contract is established to permit state agencies, local governments, school districts and others authorized by law to acquire needed products and  recovery services in the event that an emergency is declared by any political subdivision or the Governor of the State of New York. Contracts for Emergency Standby Services may be use only by or at the direction of the Office of Emergency Management. OEM may make purchases itself or may direct other state agencies or local governments to make purchases.

  • Crisis Response Assistance
    The NYS Department of Labor’s Division of Safety and Health (DOSH) provides technical assistance and resources to state and local emergency response agencies to protect first responders from health and safety risks. For more information, contact DOSH at (518) 457-2574.

  • Caring for Your Treasures
    The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) provides information about caring for your treasures, selecting a conservator, and disaster response and recovery, as well as other resources. Its Collections Emergency Response Team provides 24-hour phone assistance at (202) 661-8068.

  • Conservation Assistance
    The Northeast Document Conservation Center provides 24-hour phone assistance at (978) 470-1010, and emergency management leaflets, and other disaster assistance resources.

  • Heritage Emergency National Task Force Information on Major Disasters
    Heritage Preservation maintains information about current resources for disaster preparedness and response.

  • Salvage at a Glance
    This resource outlines how to salvage various types of materials and media.

  • Field Guide to Emergency Response
    This guide and its accompanying DVD from Heritage Preservation provide step-by-step instructions for handling an emergency, forming a disaster response team, and stabilizing your collections.

State Archives Services to State Agencies and Local Governments

  • Technical Advice for Protecting Damaged Records
    When records are damaged or destroyed by a disaster, your records management officer should notify the State Archives for advice on protecting and recovering damaged records. For more information, contact your Local Government Regional Advisory Officer, State Agency Services, or Collections Management at (518) 474-6926.

  • Emergency Destruction of Records
    When government records are a hazard to human safety or health or to property, your records management officer may request authorization from the State Archives to destroy or dispose of such records immediately. For more information, refer to the Archives' page on requesting early destruction of records or contact Retention Scheduling and Appraisal at (518) 474-6926.

  • Disaster Recovery Grants
    Local governments may be eligible for up to $20,000 in disaster recovery funding to address damage to vital or historical records. For eligibility requirements, see the disaster grant guidelines and contact your State Archives' Regional Advisory Officer or call the Archives at (518) 474-6926.

Services to Historical Records Repositories