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Documentary Heritage Program FAQs

Application Content - Narrative

  1. Does our project have to address one of DHP's Level One Topical Priorities?

    No. The records described in your grant application should address topics which are of significance to the history of New York and which focus on the people, groups, events, or changing conditions that are under-represented in New York’s historical record. However, if the application addresses one of the Topical Priorities in Level One (economic change, military affairs, population groups, or social reform and activism) it may receive up to five extra points during grant review.
  2. Do I need to identify project personnel in my application?

    You must identify your Project Director and his/her resume must be included in your application. Other project personnel should be identified in your application and their resumes should be included. If these other project personnel positions have not been filled at the time of application, you are required to include a job description that specifies role, responsibilities, and qualifications for each position. If your application is approved you must submit all outstanding resumes to the DHP office for review.
  3. There is no one in our organization with archives experience and our collections are disorganized and without finding aids. We plan to apply for an Arrangement & Description project grant and want to know if we must identify a Project Archivist before we submit an application.

    Except for the Project Manager, it is not required that you have Key Personnel in place at the time of application. Your application will be stronger if you identify an archivist for your project and include the required attachments (a job description for the Project Archivist, and his/her resume and sample finding aid) in your application.

  4. Does the New York State Archives (NYSA) provide a list of archival consultants who could work on DHP grant projects?

    NYSA has compiled a list of Archival Consultants to aid grant applicants searching for individuals who provide archival consulting services. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by NYSA.

  5. I am planning to write a Documentation project grant to increase the holdings of our archives. I want to skip the planning phase of the application since we did the planning earlier with a DHP grant. Can I just write a grant for the surveying and collecting phases?

    In your case, it would be acceptable to bypass Phase 1(Planning) of the Documentation process and prepare an application requesting funds for Phase 2 (Surveying) and Phase 3 (Collecting). In your Project Narrative, you should include a brief description of the planning you have done, making sure to address the activities listed under Phase 1 on page 8-9 of the guidelines.