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Documentary Heritage Program FAQs

Getting Started

  1. Can DHP applications be submitted electronically?

    DHP applications cannot be submitted electronically. Applications must be mailed to: Documentary Heritage Program, New York State Archives, 9C71 Cultural Education Center, 222 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12230.
  2. We have completed the Prequalification process. Do our partners on the project have to complete the prequalification process as well before we submit the grant proposal?

    No. In an application that involves partners, only the lead applicant, the one that is actually signing the application, has to prequalify.
  3. Our institution is a non-profit museum. Does it qualify as a New York repository under your definition?

    In the guidelines a "New York repository” is defined as: “a not-for-profit facility … that is organized to collect, hold, care for, and provide access to historical records.” If your facility collects, holds, cares for, and provides access to historical records your facility would qualify.
  4. a. I am the county historian in our county’s History Department. Are we eligible to apply for a DHP Grant? b. We are a township with a depository for historic items which is humidity and temperature controlled. We have an historian and a historic clerk. Are we eligible for a DHP grant?

    Government agencies, institutions operated by local, state or federal government agencies, and local government archives are not eligible to apply for Documentary Heritage Program Grants. You may be eligible to apply for Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund Grants (LGRMIF), another grant program of the New York State Archives. Learn more about the LGRMIF program or contact the Grants Administration Unit at (518) 474-6926.
  5. We have a local historical section in our library, are we eligible to apply for a DHP grant?

    Eligible applicants include not-for-profit community organizations, archives, libraries, historical societies, and similar institutions within New York State.
  6. Would digitizing the papers of a professor be an eligible DHP grant project?

    No. Digitization is an ineligible project type. DHP grants fund only Documentation and Arrangement & Description projects. A project to arrange and describe a professor’s papers prior to digitization would be eligible.
  7. I have completed the New York State Grants Gateway Registration Form for Administrator.  Where do I mail the notarized document?

    The completed form and an organization chart that shows the Head of your Organization should be mailed to: Division of Budget - Grants Reform, Agency Building 1 - 5th Floor, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12224
  8. Our application was turned down last year. Should we try again?
    If your application was turned down or if your application was not fully funded, Decision Notes from the review panel accompanied the letter you received notifying you of the outcome of your application. If you apply again for the same project, using these Decisions Notes as a reference may strengthen your application.