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Documentary Heritage Program FAQs

If Your Application is Successful

  1. When can our project begin?

    Projects may begin once you have received a final notice of approval. In the July 2013 – June 2014 grant cycle, that notice was issued in December, 2013.

  2. When will we get our grant funds?

    Release of the funding for grant awards is contingent on receiving approvals from the Office of State Comptroller and the Division of the Budget. In the July 2013 – June 2014 grant cycle the initial 50% payment was released in December, 2013.

  3. How do I get the grant funds?

    Payments are made via direct deposit as follows: an initial payment of 50% of the award is released following approvals. Up to 40% of the award amount is paid in increments as the recipient expends funds and submits requests for additional payments. The final 10% of the award is paid at the end of the project following receipt by the DHP Office of the final report.
  1. Am I able to transfer monies from one budget category to another during the grant year? If so, what is the process and timeline?

    Grant recipients can transfer monies between budget categories if the transfer does not change the intent of the grant award and if the request is justified in writing. The correct form to use is the Budget Amendment form, FS-10-A. The DHP Office must approve any budget amendment. The cut-off date for amendment requests June 1st.

  2. What are the reporting requirements and when are reports due?

    Recipients receive reporting guidelines as part of their Project Director’s packet. The packets are sent out shortly after awards have been announced.
    • End of January: Mid-term Narrative Report due
    • By June 1: FS-10A (Budget Amendment) submitted
    • June 30: Project completed and all funds encumbered
    • July 31: FS-10-F (Final Expenditure Report) & FR-1 (Final Narrative Report) due

  3. Are we required to fulfill requests for copies of records processed through DHP support for free?

    There is no obligation to provide free copies of the records and a fee schedule can be established for scanning or photocopying. However, the records themselves must be accessible..