Managing Records: Consultants and Vendors

Disaster Recovery Vendors

The New York State Archives has compiled this list of disaster recovery vendors to aid government agencies, local governments, and other entities searching for companies and individuals providing disaster recovery vendors services. This inventory lists organizations, their contact information, as well as a brief summary of services offered when the information was available. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, you are encouraged to contact consultants directly for verification.

The New York State Archives assumes no responsibility for the professionalism of any consultants listed. This list is not meant to endorse, recommend, or require use of any particular consultant on this inventory. If you know of other consultants that should be on this list or you discover content inaccuracies in this list, please contact the Records Services Development unit at (518) 474-6926 or, by email, at

The Office of General Services (OGS) maintains a list of disaster prevention and recovery vendors and services are on state contract, some of which may appear on this list. See the OGS website for a complete listing: Emergency Standby Services and the Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (HIRE).

The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) also maintains a list of disaster recovery vendors. Refer to NEDCC’s website at for more information.

Other relevant resources:

State Archives’ Disaster Assistance, Working with Disaster Recovery Vendors, Data Recovery Vendor list and Fire Suppression Vendor list

Vendor Categories:

Air Quality/Mold Testing
Audio/Visual and Microfilm Recovery
Disaster Planning
Disaster Supplies
Freezing Services
Full Disaster Recovery

Revised 27 March 2015

Air Quality/Mold Testing

Air Quality Sciences, Inc.
1337 Capital Circle
Marietta, GA 30067
Phone: (770) 933-0638
Services/sales: Multiple services including air quality and mold analysis

Ozone Solutions, Inc.
451 Black Forest Rd.
Hull, IA 51239
Phone: (712) 439-6880
Fax: (712) 439-6733
Services/sales: Multiple services including mold/mildew, odor removal, smoke & fire restoration, air dryers, and more.

Audio/Visual and Microfilm Recovery

Eastman Kodak Company
1700 Dewey Ave., B65, Door G,
Rochester, NY 14650-1819
Phone: (800) 352-8378
Services/sales: Reprocessing of damaged film and microfilm.

EMI Imaging
636 Commerce St.
Stuart, VA 24171
Phone: (800) 242-8011
Services/sales: Microfilm and microfiche recovery.

Film Technology
Alan Stark
726 N. Cole Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038
Phone: (323) 464-3456
Services/sales: Restoration of 16 and 35mm motion picture film.

Safe Sound Archive
21 West Highland Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118-3309
Phone: (215) 248-2100
Fax: (215) 242-2177
Services/sales: Audio preservation services.

Specs Bros.
P.O. Box 195
Lodi, NJ 07644
Phone: (800) 852-7732
Phone: (973) 777-5055
Fax: (973) 777-5065
Services/sales: Audio and video tape recovery services

30-00 47th Ave. 6th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: (800) 653-8434
Phone: (718) 482-7111
Fax: (718) 482-1370
Services/sales: Audio, video, and data recovery services.

Disaster Planning

Access Systems, Incorporated
Steven F. Goodfellow
4260 Henneberry Road 
Manlius, NY 13104
Phone: (315) 682-1188
Fax: (315) 682-0865

Bowne Management Systems, Inc.
Jim Hall
235 East Jericho Turnpike, P. O. Box 109
Mineola, NY 11501
Phone: (516) 746-2350
Fax: (516) 747-1396

Chuck Rondinone
88 Curtis Road
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Phone: (860) 661-0438, (860) 970-6300
Fax: (781) 830-6055
Services/sales: DataBank provides business process services and can assist with determining when and what technology and document management solutions are needed. We work with our customers to formulate, implement and manage compliant disaster recovery programs and are a leading integrator of several EDMS solutions.

Karen Herwig
669 Grove Road
Thorofare, NJ 08086
Phone: (888) 845-7015
Fax: (856) 845-7082
Services/sales: InOutsource provides records and information management consulting services.

Iron Mountain
317 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Phone (646) 502-7228 or (800) 899-4766
Services/sales: Iron Maountain Inc, provides information management services that help organizations lower the costs, risks, and inefficiencies of managing their physical and digital data. The company's solutions enable customers to protect and better use their information -- regardless of its format, location, or life cycle stage -- so they can optimize their business and ensure proper recovery, compliance, and discovery. Many of Iron Mountain's offerings are in areas such as Document Management Solutions, Records Management and Storage, Health Information Management, Secure Shredding, Disaster Recovery, and Data Recovery.

Janus Associates, Inc.
Jim Adams
Director of Business Development
1055 Washington Blvd
Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 251-0238
Cell: (203) 561-8074
Services/sales: We are specialists in risk analysis, penetration testing, compliance and PCI assessments, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, eDiscovery, data forensics, data breach crisis management, advanced biometric and authentication software, and mainframe security audit solutions.

200 Quality Circle
College Station, TX 77840
Phone: (888) 811-4023
Fax: (888) 821-4260
Sales/Services: Disaster recovery solutions that meet the needs of today's businesses by bringing people and technology together. Our services include Quickship of critical IT hardware, voice and network recovery, Mobile Recovery Center solutions, traditional center-based hot site recovery, colocation and FLEXDATA®, our exclusive data backup service.

Disaster Supplies

P.O. Box 30423
Bethesda, MD 20824
Phone: (301) 320-7231
Fax: (301) 320-7232
Services/sales: Disaster recovery supplies.

University Products
517 Main Street
Holyoke, MA 01040
Phone: (800) 628-1912
Fax: (413) 532-9281
Services/sales: Archival and disaster recovery supplies.

Freezing Services

Affiliated Warehouses Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 295
1337 Capital Circle
Hazlet, NJ 07730
Phone: (732) 739-2323
Services/sales: Available warehouse refrigeration and freezer spac

American Freeze-Dry Inc.
P.O. Box 5740
Deptford, NJ 08096
Phone: (856) 939-8160 (office)
Phone: (866) 939-8610 (toll free)
Phone: (609) 458-0510 (24 emergency)
Services/sales: Freeze drying capabilities

Atlas Cold Storage
5255 Yonge Street, Suite 900
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 5P8
Phone: (416) 512-2352
Phone: (888) 642-3333
Fax: (416) 225-2353
Services/sales: Refrigeration and freezing services, US and Canada

Burris Logistics
501 SE 5th Street
Milford, DE 19963
Phone: (302) 839-5157
Fax: (302) 839-5175
Services/sales: Refrigeration and freezing services.

DFD-Document Restoration Services
11847 Levan Road
Livonia, MI 48150
Phone: (888) 217-3418
Phone: (734) 464-4444
Fax: (734) 464-4070
Services/Sales: 24/7/365 Emergency Response for all water and fire incidents. Hurricane Sandy experience. Complete document restoration including: Medical and Dental Files, Legal and Accounting Records, Engineering and Architectural Drawings. No job is too big as we have high rise building experience also. We use state of the art-Vacuum Freeze Drying.

Industrial Cold Storage
2625 West Fifth Street
P.O. Box 41064
Jacksonville, FL 32203
Phone: (904) 786-8038
Services/sales: Refrigeration and freezing services.

4300 Pleasantdale Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30340
Phone: (770) 448-7400
Services/sales: Temperature controlled storage, refrigeration, and freezing services.

Full Disaster Recovery

American Property Restoration, INC (APR CAT)
3440 Oakcliff Rd , Suite 124
Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: (877) 604-8324
Fax: (866) 963-0280
Services/Sales: APR CAT is your disaster solution from start to finish for any disaster such as FIRE, WATER recovery, CONTENTS restoration, MOLD remediation, DEHUMIDIFICATION, and CLEANING. Our National Commercial Loss Teams are certified and equipped to provide immediate response and damage mitigation, driven by critical priorities that minimize disruption and expense with an efficient Emergency Restoration Strategy. APR CAT offers pre-disaster agreements for priority response in the event of a disaster.

185 Oakland Ave. Suite 300
Birmingham, MI 48009-3433
Phone: (248) 594-1144
Fax: (248) 594-1133
Services/sales: Variety of disaster recovery services including vacuum freeze-drying.

BMS Catastrophe
303 Arthur Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Phone: (800) 433-2940
Fax: (817) 332-6728
Services/sales: Multiple services including freeze-drying.

Disaster Services, Inc.
3030 Amwiler Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30360
Phone: (770) 446-5300
Fax: (770) 446-5301
Services/sales: Multiple services including water and fire damage cleaning, and freeze drying.

Document Reprocessors
5611 Water Street
Middlesex, NY 14507
Phone: (585) 554-4500
Phone: (800) 437-9464
Fax: (585) 554-4114
Services/sales: Multiple document recovery services including freeze-drying.

Epic Response
2145 Barrett Park Drive, Suite
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: (877) 277-4647
Services/sales: Multiple services including clean up, mold removal, water extraction, and consulting.

Maxons Restorations
280 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 447-6767
Fax: (212) 447-6251
Services/sales: Multiple fire and water damage recovery and clean up services.

Midwest Freeze-Dry, Ltd.
John King
7326 N. Central Park
Skokie, IL 60076
Phone: (847) 679-4756
Fax: (847) 679-4191
Email: mfd7326@sbc
Services/sales: The REMEDIATION SERVICES offered by MIDWEST FREEZE- DRY LIMITED, INC. are defined as the sterilization, decontamination, cleaning and sanitation of documents, fabrics and materials that have been contaminated due to environmental conditions or handling.

Polygon Group (formerly Munters)
15 Sharpner's Pond Road
North Andover, MA 01845
Phone: (800) 422-6379
Services/sales: Multiple services including structural dehumidification and full document restoration services including freeze drying, cleaning and gamma irradiation. Company maintains offices nationwide including New York City. GSA contract holder.

PuroClean Certified Restoration
Max Patyka
2575 E 14th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Phone: (718) 210-2777
Services/sales: Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Damage remediation and Biohazard clean-up.

Rapid Refile
7377 Williams Avenue, Suite 100
Allentown, PA 18106
Phone: 877- 59RAPID (877-597-2743)
Fax: (610) 837-4343
Services/sales: Damage created by unforeseen disasters does not need to cripple your organization. Whether struck by a small electrical fire, contaminated by a mold outbreak after HVAC shutdown, or facing massive flood damage, Rapid Refile is experienced in recovering and restoring the documents and materials important to your business. Government agencies, universities, museums, libraries, non-profit organizations and other record-storing facilities that have experienced dam ages due to water, fire or mold will benefit from the complete recovery and restoration system Rapid Refile provides.

Tech Valley Continuity LLC
4 So. Grandview Dr.
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: (518) 596-9313
Services/sales: Tech Valley Continuity is a veteran owned, small business entity that provides Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) and NIST SP 800-34 Information Systems Contingency Planning to government entities.  For COOP, we utilize EMplans, an easy to use web-based planning in tool that is in use by multiple NYS agencies and over 3,000 government agencies nationwide.  Priced below the discretionary limit and available via state contract, this tool allows agencies to develop a comprehensive COOP program in a matter of months that is aligned with NYS and Federal guidelines.