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Guide to the NYS Comptroller's Office, Outgoing Correspondence Replying to Inquiries About Records of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War

Index List for Last Names Beginning with A

Soldier Reference
Abeel, James Vol. 1, Pg. 125
Abeel, James Vol. 1, Pg. 148
Abrahams, Charles; Abrahams, George; Abrahams, Jacob; Abrahams, Peter; Antonides, Peter Vol. 1, Pg. 105
Adams, David; Brown, Caleb Vol. 1, Pg. 438
Adams, David; Brown, Caleb Vol.1, Pg. 462
Adams, John Vol. 1, Pg. 640
Adams, Samuel Vol. 2, Pg. 159
Adee Vol. 3, Pg. 122
Adley, Peter Vol. 1, Pg. 762
Adsit, Martin Vol. 2, Pg. 283
Adsit, Samuel Vol. 3, Pg. 117
Adsit, Samuel Vol. 3, Pg. 193
Adsit, Stephen; Germond, Silas Vol. 3, Pg. 213
Adsit, Stephen Vol. 3, Pg. 284
Adsit, Stephen, Lt.; Adsit, Stephen, Pvt.; Germond, Silas Vol. 3, Pg. 211
Agard, Noah Vol. 2, Pg. 796
Aiken, James, Sgt.; Aikins, James, Pvt.; Akin, Garret, Capt.; Akin, David; Akin, David, Jr.; Akin, John; Akins, Aaron; Akins, James; Akins, Samuel; Akins, Benjamin; Akins, Stephen; Akins, Stephen, Lt. Vol. 2, Pg. 313
Aker, Nicholas; Pembleton, Stephen Vol. 2, Pg. 711
Alcott, David Vol. 2, Pg. 46
Alger, William; Alger, William B., Lt. Vol.1, Pg. 86
Allen, Elias Vol. 2, Pg. 62
Allen, John Vol. 2, Pg. 788
Allen, Leander; Allen, Lysander; Francis, Capt.; Francis, Christoper; Francis, Hendrick; Francis, John; Francis, Philip Vol. 2, Pg. 121
Allen, Moses; Kunnian, Benjamin Vol. 1, Pg. 142
Allen, Moses Vol. 2, Pg. 390
Allen, Moses Vol. 2, Pg. 396
Allen, Samuel Vol. 2, Pg. 482
Allen, Samuel; Allen, Samuel, Sergeon Vol. 2, Pg. 976
Allen, Samuel, Lt.; Allen, Samuel, Pvt. Vol. 3, Pg. 380
Allen, Stephen Vol. 2, Pg. 942
Allerton, Reuben Vol. 2, Pg. 454
Alliger, Benjamin; Decker, Johannis; Decker, John, Pvt. Vol. 3, Pg 10
Allison, Col. Vol. 3, Pg. 125
Allison, Joseph Vol. 1, Pg. 527
Ameman, Albert; Ammerman, Albert Vol. 2, Pg. 407
Ammerman, Derrick Vol. 2, Pg. 663
Anderson, John; Anderson, James Vol. 3, Pg. 150
Antonides, Peter Vol. 1, Pg. 126
Apply, Jacob Vol. 3, Pg. 275
Apply, John Vol. 3, Pg. 294
Armistead Vol. 1, Pg. 713
Arnold, Caleb; Arnold, Edward Vol 1, Pg. 837
Arnold, John Vol. 1, Pg. 735
Avery, Ebenezer, Lt.; Avery, Ebenezer, Pvt.; Avery, Elisha, Pvt.; Avery, Enoch, Pvt.; Avery, James, Pvt.; Avery, John, Pvt.; Avery, Solomon, Pvt.; Avery, Nicholas Vol. 2, Pg. 119
Series Number: A1363 Repository: New York State Archives Address: New York State Education Department Cultural Education Center Albany, NY 12230


This series is arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

This series contains letterpress copies of replies sent by the comptroller's office in response to inquiries regarding Revolutionary War soldiers. The letters provide information derived from records that were ultimately transferred to the State Archives. Some of the comptroller's records used to derive information regarding military service were subsequently damaged or destroyed in the New York State Capitol fire of 1911. Therefore, in certain cases these letters provide military service data, the original source of which no longer exists.

Related Information

Related Material

New York State Archives Series A0200, Revolutionary War Accounts and Claims, contains original documents used as sources of military service data provided by the comptroller's office in these replies. About sixty percent of the documents that were originally part of A0200 were destroyed in the Capitol Fire of 1911; many others suffered varying degrees of burn damage. Name indexes, volume lists, regimental lists, and some samples of records from the original, complete record series can be found inRoberts, James A. and Frederic G. Mather, eds. Albany: New York State Comptroller's Office, 1904.New York in the Revolution as Colony and State

New York State Archives Series A0870, Copies of Accounts Audited by the Auditor General for Bills Presented to the State, contains original documents used as sources of military service data provided by the comptroller's office in these replies.

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