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Guide to the NYS Comptroller's Office, Outgoing Correspondence Replying to Inquiries About Records of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War

Index List for Last Names Beginning with L

Soldier Reference
LaMont, William Vol. 1, Pg. 860
LaTourette Vol. 2, Pg. 93
Lafferty, John Vol. 1, Pg. 872
Lamb, Joseph Vol. 1, Pg. 521
Lane, Isaac Vol. 2, Pg. 194
Lane, John Vol. 2, Pg. 152
Lanjarr, Christopher; Longyear, Christopher Vol. 2, Pg. 848
Lansing, Gerrit G., Ens.; Lansing, Gerrit G., Quarter Master Vol. 2, Pg. 284
Lasher, Col.; Heyer, Col.; Lott, Abraham P., Col.; Remsen, Henry, Col.; Jay, John, Col. Vol. 2, Pg. 209
Lathrop, Ebenezer, Pvt.; Lathrop, Lebbus, Pvt.; Lothrop, Ebenezer, Pvt.; Lothrop, Icabod, Pvt.; Lothrop, Josiah, Pvt.; Lothrop, Lebious, Pvt.; Lothrop, Melatiah, Pvt.; Lothrop, Melatiah, Jr., Pvt.; Lothrop, Nathaniel, Pvt.; Lothrop, Simon, Ens. Vol. 2, Pg. 197
Lawrence, Augustin Vol. 2, Pg. 391
Lawrence, Augustin, Pvt.; Lawrence, Augustin, Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 420
Lawrence, Jacob; Lawrance, Augustin, Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 172
Lawrence, Jacob, Lt.; Lawrence, Jacob, Pvt. Vol. 2, Pg. 394
Lawrence, Uriah Vol. 1, Pg. 300
Lawrence, Uriah Vol. 1, Pg. 309
LeConte, John Vol. 2, Pg. 914
LeRoy, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 115
LeRoy, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 131
Leaycraft, John, 2nd. Lt. Vol. 1, Pg. 313
Leaycraft, John, Lt. Vol. 1, Pg. 294
Lee, Jeptha; Lee, Jepthath; Lee, Japath Vol. 2, Pg. 229
Lee, Jeptha Vol. 2, Pg. 686
Lee, John, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 902
Lee, Jonathan Vol. 1, Pg. 728
Lee, Seth; Lee, William Vol. 2, Pg. 626
Lee, Thomas, Capt.; Lee, Thomas, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 442
Lee, Thomas, Capt. Vol. 1, Pg. 471
Lee, William Vol. 2, Pg. 622
Legget, Jacobus Vol. 3, Pg. 160
Lent, Hercules Vol. 1, Pg. 325
Lepper, John Vol. 2, Pg. 642
Leverich, James; Leveridge, Benjamin; Leverage, Samuel; Leverage, William Vol. 2, Pg. 140
Lewis, Peter; Lewis, John; Putman, Tunis Vol. 1, Pg. 792
Liscomb, Samuel Vol. 3, Pg. 350
Lisdall, William Vol. 1, Pg. 421
Livingston, Peter Robert, Col.; Livingston, Robert Vol. 2, Pg. 376
Lloyd, Henry Vol. 1, Pg. 261
Lobdell, Darius; Lobdell, Ebenezer; Lobdell, Ebenezer, Jr. Vol. 2, Pg. 101
Lobdell, Uriah Vol. 2, Pg. 244
Lockerby, William Vol. 2, Pg. 83
Lockwood, Amos; Lockwood, Daniel; Lockwood, Ebenezer; Lockwood, Henry; Lockwood, Peter; Lockwood, Silvenus; Lockwood, Benjamin; Lockwood, David; Lockwood, Ephraim; Lockwood, Gilbert; Lockwood, Hezekiah; Lockwood, Jacob; Lockwood, Job; Lockwood, Joseph, Capt.; Lockwood, Joseph, Pvt.; Lockwood, Joseph, Jr.; Lockwood, Moses; Lockwood, Nathan; Lockwood, Nathaniel; Lockwood, Reuben; Lockwood, Samuel; Lockwood, Derisha; Lockwood, James; Lockwood, John; Lockwood, Isaac; Lockwood, Timothy; Lockwood, Silas; Lockwood, Ebenezer, Maj.; Lockwood, Caleb; Lockwood, Isaiah; Lockwood, Israel; Lockwood, Jonathan; Lockwood, Josiah; Lockwood, Samuel, Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 917
Lockwood, Isaac Vol. 1, Pg. 739
Longenhelt; Aker, George; Aker, John, Lt. Vol. 3, Pg. 123
Longley, Thomas Vol. 1, Pg. 115
Longyear, Christopher Vol. 2, Pg. 872
Loomis, Jonathan Vol. 2, Pg. 342
Lothrop, Melatiah; Lothrop, Melatiah, Jr.; Lothrop, Josiah Vol. 2, Pg. 884
Lothrop, Willis Vol. 1, Pg. 589
Lott, Peter Vol. 1, Pg. 146
Lucas, Jacob; Pitcher, Truman; Cook, Miles; Raven, Peter Vol. 3, Pg. 388
Luddington, Elisha; Luddington, William; Ludington, Comfort, Capt.; Ludington, Elisha; Ludington, Stephen; Ludington, Comfort Vol. 2, Pg. 614
Ludlow, Henry; Ludlow, Henry, Jr.; Ludlow, Samuel; Ludlow, David; Ludlow, William Vol. 2, Pg. 748
Lull, Nathan Vol. 1, Pg. 636
Lyman, Samuel Vol. 2, Pg. 839
Lyon, Caleb; Lyon, John; Lyon, Joseph Vol. 1, Pg. 953