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Guide to the NYS Comptroller's Office, Outgoing Correspondence Replying to Inquiries About Records of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War

Index List for Last Names Beginning with R

Soldier Reference
Raid, William Johnson, Sir Vol. 2, Pg. 100
Rancier, Jacob; Rancier, George; Rancier, John Vol. 2, Pg. 647
Randall, Benjamin, Capt.; Randall, Benjamin, Pvt.; Trumble, Eldred; Trumble, Elijah; Trumble, Judah; Trumbull, James; Trumbull, Joseph Vol. 3, Pg. 83
Randall, Benjamin, Capt. Vol. 3, Pg. 168
Randall, David Vol. 2, Pg. 828
Randall, David Vol. 2, Pg. 855
Ransom, Peleg Vol. 2, Pg. 365
Rapp, George Vol. 1, Pg. 705
Ray, James; Ray, Caleb; Ray, Charles; Ray, Clement; Ray, Daniel; Ray, Isaac; Ray, John; Ray, Martin; Ray, Michael; Ray, Nathaniel; Ray, Patrick; Ray, Raysal; Ray, Richard; Ray, Robert; Ray, Roswell; Ray, Simon; Ray, Stephen; Ray, Thomas; Ray, Thomas, Jr.; Ray, William; Ray, Zacharian; Ray, Zacharius; Ray, Zacheus Vol. 1, Pg. 156
Ray, John; Ray, Nathaniel; Ray, Roswell; Ray, Frank Vol. 1, Pg. 88
Raymond, Enoch Vol. 3, Pg. 116
Raymond, Uriah; Paddock, Jonathan Vol. 1, Pg. 787
Raymond, Uriah Vol. 2, Pg. 747
Reals, Godfrey; Vedder, Harmanus Vol. 2, Pg. 729
Reckhow, Abraham, Gunner Vol. 1, Pg. 448
Reed, Eliakim Vol. 3, Pg. 372
Reeve, Luther; Reeve, Israel Vol. 1, Pg. 185
Reeves, Daniel; Reeve, Daniel, Jr.; Russell, Oliver Vol. 1, Pg. 141
Remsen, Abraham, Col.; Remsen, Abraham, Maj.; Remsen, Abraham, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 346
Remsen, Abraham, Maj. Vol. 1, Pg. 633
Reside Vol. 3, Pg. 341
Revere, Cornelius Vol. 1, Pg. 838
Reynolds, George Vol. 2, Pg. 80
Reynolds, William Vol. 2, Pg. 126
Rhoads, John, Pvt. Vol. 2, Pg. 797
Rhoads, Joseph; Rhodes, Joseph; Rhodes, Cornelius; Rhodes, Jeriah Vol. 3, Pg. 105
Rhodes, Joseph Vol. 3, Pg. 258
Rice, Abner; Rice, Pelatiah Vol. 1, Pg. 366
Rice, David Vol. 2, Pg. 749
Rice, John Vol. 2, Pg. 787
Rice, Seth Vol. 3, Pg. 246
Richards, Samuel Vol. 1, Pg. 225
Richardson, Jonathan Vol. 2, Pg. 752
Richardson, Samuel Vol. 1, Pg. 235
Richmond, Stephen; Richmond, Edward Vol. 2, Pg. 685
Rider, Ebenezer Vol. 2, Pg. 724
Rinkle, Lawrence Vol. 2, Pg. 445
Ripley, Preserved; Elliot, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 478
Roberts, John; Roads, Cornelius; Roads, Jacob; Roads, John; Roads, Joseph; Roads, Noah; Roads, Richard; Roads, William; Rodes, Hope; Rodes, Richard; Rodes, Teunis, Jr.; Rhoades, Isaac; Rhoades, John; Rhoads, Isaac, Jr.; Rhoads, John; Rhoads, Joseph; Rhoads, Thomas; Rhodes, Cornelius; Rhodes, John; Rhodes, Joseph; Rhodes, Richard; Peas, Matthew; Peas, Nathaniel; Pease, Abner; Pease, Asa; Pease, Conrad; Pease, George; Pease, Hanyost; Pease, John; Pease, Nathaniel; Tice, Henry; Tice, John; Tice, Joseph; Tice, Martine; Summers, Ferrel; Summers, Ferrol; Summers, Nicholas; Summers, Robert; Stuart, Christopher, Jr.; Stuart, Daniel; Stuart, David; Stuart, George; Stuart, James; Stuart, Oliver; Stuart, Samuel; Stuart, Solomon; Stuart, William; Hooper, Isaac Vol. 1, Pg. 36
Roberts, John; Tices, John Vol. 1, Pg. 77
Roberts, John; Tices, John Vol. 1, Pg. 83
Robinson, Beverly Vol. 1, Pg. 719
Roche, John Vol. 2, Pg. 112
Rockefeller Vol. 2, Pg. 77
Rockefeller, Diel, Capt.; Rockefeller, Christian; Rockefeller, Peter, Lt.; Rockefeller, Philip; Rockefeller, John Vol. 2, Pg. 84
Rockefeller, Diel, Capt.; Rockefeller, Simeon; Rockefeller, Dirck, Capt.; Rockefellow, John; Rockefella, John Vol. 2, Pg. 109
Rockefeller, Diel, Capt.; Rockefeller, Dirck, Capt.; Rockefeller, Peter, Lt. Vol. 2, Pg. 186
Rockefeller, Simeon Vol. 2, Pg. 355
Rockefeller, William Vol. 2, Pg. 333
Roe, James; Roe, James, Quarter Master Vol. 2, Pg. 236
Roe, Nathaniel Vol. 1, Pg. 418
Rogers, Amos Vol. 1, Pg. 184
Rogers, Joseph Vol. 1, Pg. 302
Rogers, Reuben Vol. 2, Pg. 604
Rogers, Thomas Vol. 3, Pg. 145
Rogers, Zophar Vol. 3, Pg. 301
Rose, Salmon Vol. 2, Pg. 819
Rosecrans, Daniel, Capt. Vol. 3, Pg. 112
Rouse, John, Capt. Vol. 1, Pg. 915
Rowland, Samuel Vol. 3, Pg. 43
Rowley, Seth, Sgt. Vol. 2, Pg. 952
Ryal, Peter; Ryel, Peter; Royal, Peter Vol. 1, Pg. 47