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Guide to the NYS Comptroller's Office, Outgoing Correspondence Replying to Inquiries About Records of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War

Index List for Last Names Beginning with S

Soldier Reference
Salisbury, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 12
Sands, Edward; Tredwell, Samuel Vol. 2, Pg. 528
Sands, Samuel Vol. 1, Pg. 250
Sanford, John, Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 644
Sanford, Restoom Vol. 2, Pg. 91
Sautelle; Sawtelle Vol. 1, Pg. 168
Sawtell, William Vol. 1, Pg. 159
Sawyer, William; Sawyer, William M. Vol. 1, Pg. 867
Saxton, Alanson Vol. 2, Pg. 238
Sayre, Thomas; Sayer, Thomas, Sr. Vol. 2, Pg. 410
Schultz, John Vol. 2, Pg. 143
Schuyler, David; Schuyler, David, Jr. Vol. 1, Pg. 386
Schuyler, Philip, Pvt.; Schuyler, William, Pvt.; Philip, Daniel; Philip, William Vol. 1, Pg. 239
Scoby, William Vol. 2, Pg. 402
Scott, Archibald; Harnden, John; Rockwell, Stephen Vol. 1, Pg. 708
Scowden, Theodorus Vol. 2, Pg. 924
Scribner, Thaddeus Vol. 2, Pg. 546
Scudder, Jonas Vol. 1, Pg. 385
Seaman, Daniel; Seaman, Micha; Seaman, Isaac; Seaman, J. Vol. 1, Pg. 73
Seaman, Zebulon Vol. 2, Pg. 670
Seamans, Willett; Seamans, Edmund Vol. 3, Pg. 300
Searing, Daniel Vol. 1, Pg. 518
Searing, Samuel Vol. 2, Pg. 634
Seeber, Adolph; Seeber, Conrad; Seeber, Henry; Seeber, Jacob; Seeber, Jacob William, Capt.; Seeber, John, Lt.; Seeber, H. W.; Seeber, John; Seeber, William, Lt. Col. Vol. 2, Pg. 636
Seeber, William, Lt. Col.; Seeber, William, Lt. Vol. 2, Pg. 810
Seeber, William, Lt. Col.; Seeber, William, Lt. Vol. 2, Pg. 884
Seeger, Gerrit Vol. 1, Pg. 468
Seele, Lodwick; Seeley, David; Seeley, Ebenezer; Seeley, John; Seeley, Nathaniel, Jr.; Seeley, Stephen; Seeley, Thaddeus; Seely, Bezaleel; Seely, Bezaleel, Jr.; Seely, Caleb; Seely, Ebenezer; Seely, Eli, Sr.; Seely, Eli, Jr.; Seely, Elijah; Seely, Ephraim; Seely, Gideon, Capt.; Seely, Gideon; Seely, Gideon, Jr.; Seely, Israel; Seely, James; Seely, John; Seely, John, Jr.; Seely, Josiah; Seely, Josiah, Jr.; Seely, Lewis; Seely, Michael; Seely, Nathaniel; Seely, Nehemiah, Capt.; Seely, Nehemiah; Seely, Samuel; Seely, Silas; Seely, Silvanus; Seely, Thadeus Vol. 2, Pg. 288
Seeley, John; Seely, John, Jr. Vol. 1, Pg. 10
Seeley, Nehemiah, Capt.; Seeley, Nehemiah, Pvt.; Seeley, David, Pvt.; Fuller, Matthew; Seeley, Benjamin; Fuller, Ebenezer; Fuller, Edward Vol. 1, Pg. 646
Seely, Michael Vol. 1, Pg. 813
Seely, Michael Vol. 1, Pg. 840
Segor, Malaechia Vol. 2, Pg. 959
Shafer, Henry, Ens.; Shafer, Hendrick, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 361
Shannon, Patrick Vol. 1, Pg. 70
Shaw, Anthony; Shaw, Comfort; Shaw, Daniel; Shaw, James M.; Shaw, John; Shaw, Joseph; Shaw, Nathaniel; Shaw, Neal; Shaw, Samuel; Shaw, Samuel, Capt.; Willson, James, Jr.; Willson, Volentine; Wilson, John; Wilson, Samuel; Wilson, Valentine; Wilson, William Vol. 1, Pg. 929
Shaw, Anthony; Shaw, Benjamin; Shaw, Comfort, Lt.; Shaw, Comfort; Shaw, Comfort, Jr.; Shaw, Daniel; Shaw, David; Shaw, Duncan, Lt.; Shaw, Ebenezer; Shaw, Ezra; Shaw, Francis; Shaw, Henry; Shaw, Ichabod; Shaw, Jacob; Shaw, James; Shaw, James M.; Shaw, Jeremiah; Shaw, John, Lt. ; Shaw, John; Shaw, Joseph; Shaw, Joshua; Shaw, Michael; Shaw, Nathaniel; Shaw, Neal; Shaw, Peleg; Shaw, Patrick; Shaw, Reuben; Shaw, Richmond; Shaw, Samuel, Capt.; Shaw, Samuel, Lt.; Shaw, Samuel; Shaw, Thomas; Shaw, William Vol. 2, Pg. 477
Shaw, Comfort, Lt.; Shaw, Comfort, Jr.; Shaw, Comfort Vol. 2, Pg. 582
Shaw, Daniel Vol. 2, Pg. 500
Shaw, Jeremiah Vol. 2, Pg. 885
Shaw, Lt. Vol. 2, Pg. 598
Shaw, Samuel, Capt.; Shaw, Samuel, Lt. Vol. 2, Pg. 607
Shay, Daniel; Shay, Nathaniel Vol. 2, Pg. 471
Sheldon, Joseph; Garrison, Isaac; Latham, John Vol. 1, Pg. 910
Sheppard, Henry; Shepherd, Henry Vol. 3, Pg. 124
Sherwood, Gershom, Lt. Vol. 1, Pg. 985
Sherwood, Job Vol. 2, Pg. 494
Sherwood, Moses Vol. 2, Pg. 491
Sherwood, Seymour Vol. 2, Pg. 654
Shults, William Vol. 2, Pg. 428
Sidam, John; Suidam, John; Pratt, Abner Vol. 1, Pg. 74
Sidell, John; Sydell, John; Slydell, John Vol. 1, Pg 879
Silkman, John; Silkma, John, Jr. Vol. 2, Pg. 207
Silkman, John Vol. 3, Pg. 114
Silkman, John Vol. 2, Pg. 142
Simmons, Gideon Vol. 2, Pg. 92
Simmons, John Vol. 1, Pg. 292
Sipher, William; Sypher, David Vol. 1, Pg. 436
Sisson, John Vol. 3, Pg. 306
Sitz, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 70
Sizer, William Vol. 2, Pg. 668
Slater, Amos Vol. 2, Pg. 98
Slaughter, Isaac Vol. 2, Pg. 640
Slaughter, Isaac Vol. 3, Pg. 363
Slot, Daniel Vol. 3, Pg. 307
Small, James; Small, James, Jr. Vol. 1, Pg. 413
Smith, Benajah; Smith, William; Nelson, Francis; Nelson, Reuben; Nelson, Reuben, Jr.; Nellson, Francis; Nellson, Reuben; Nelson, Francis, Lt. Vol. 1, Pg. 892
Smith, Benejah; Smith, William, Lt. Col.; Smith, William, Capt. Vol. 1, Pg. 748
Smith, Caleb; Smith, Stephen Vol. 2, Pg. 245
Smith, Daniel Vol. 1, Pg. 554
Smith, Hezekiah Vol. 2, Pg. 155
Smith, Hezekiah Vol. 2, Pg. 655
Smith, Jacob Vol. 1, Pg. 265
Smith, Michael Vol. 1, Pg. 815
Smith, Michael Vol. 1, Pg. 818
Smith, Michael Vol. 1, Pg. 933
Smith, Michael Vol. 1, Pg. 945
Smith, Peter Taylor; Smith, Peter; Smith, Peter A.; Smith, Peter Johannes; Smith, Petrus; Smith, Petrus, Jr. Vol. 1, Pg. 95
Smith, Stephen; Hotaling, Stephen Vol. 2, Pg. 534
Smith, Thomas, Lt. Vol. 1, Pg. 440
Snell, John; Snell, John F.; Snell, John J.; Snell, John P.; Snell, John, Jr. Vol. 1, Pg. 135
Sniffen, James; Gue, Joseph; Farrington, James Vol. 1, Pg. 969
Sniffen, Peter Vol. 2, Pg. 869
Snook, Peter; Snook, Conrad; Snook, Henry; Snook, John, Lt.; Snook, John, Pvt.; Snook, Martimis; Snook, William, Capt.; Longley, John; Longley, Thomas Vol. 3, Pg. 120
Snyder, Benjamin Vol. 2, Pg. 502
Soper, Bartn.; Soper, Burtis; Soper, Gilbert; Soper, Henry; Soper, Jesse; Soper, John; Soper, Richard; Soper, Timothy; Sopers, William; Soaper, Gilbert; Soaper, Jesse; Soaper, Jonah; Soaper, Moses; Fish, Abner; Fish, Abraham; Fish, Benjamin; Fish, Caleb; Fish, Ebner; Fish, Eliphaz; Fish, Ephraim; Fish, John; Fish, Joseph; Fish, Joshua; Fish, Levi; Fish, Moses; Fish, Nathan; Fish, Nicholas; Fish, Pardon; Fish, Seabury; Fish, Sebra; Fish, William Vol. 1, Pg. 455
Soper, Burtia; Soper, John; Soper, Timothy Vol. 1, Pg. 388
Soper, Burtis Vol. 1, Pg. 756
Soper, Burtis Vol. 1, Pg. 858
Soper, Timothy Vol. 1, Pg. 453
Soul, Nathaniel Vol. 1, Pg. 896
Spalding, Ezra; Morse, Solomon Vol. 3, Pg. 378
Spencer, Amos; Spencer, Ithamar Vol. 2, Pg. 3
Spencer, J., Col.; Spencer, Aaron; Spencer, Abner; Spencer, Amos; Spencer, Asa; Spencer, David; Spencer, Eleazer, Lt.; Spencer, Eleazer; Spencer, Eliphas; Spencer, Ezra; Spencer, Hedley; Spencer, Israel, Lt.; Spencer, Jabez; Spencer, Jabus; Spencer, James; Spencer, Jesse; Spencer, Joel; Spencer, John, Lt.; Spencer, John; Spencer, Jonathan; Spencer, Matthias; Spencer, Nathan; Spencer, Nehemiah; Spencer, Nicholas; Spencer, Oliver, Col.; Spencer, Orrangh; Spencer, Peleg; Spencer, Phillip; Spencer, Phineas; Spencer, Reuben, Capt.; Spencer, Reuben, Ens.; Spencer, Rufus; Spencer, Samuel; Spencer, Samuel, Jr.; Spencer, Truman; Spencer, Tuneas; Spencer, William; Spencer, Zephaniah Vol. 2, Pg. 106
Spencer, James; Pattison, James; Hall, Jacob Vol. 2, Pg. 223
Spencer, James; Pattison, James Vol. 2, Pg. 234
Spicer, Jacob Vol. 3, Pg. 313
Sprague, David Vol. 1, Pg. 793
Sprague, David Vol. 1, Pg. 845
Sprague, Ebenezer, Jr. Vol. 1, Pg. 865
Spraque, David Vol. 1, Pg. 849
St. John, Samuel Vol. 1, Pg. 683
Stalye, Roulof Vol. 2, Pg. 899
Stansell, George; Stansell, Nicholas Vol. 2, Pg. 227
Stark, Nathan; Marshall, Amon Vol. 1, Pg. 694
Stark, Nathan; Stark, William; Van Fleet, Abraham; Van Vliet, Abraham Vol. 3, Pg. 11
Stark, Nathan; Van Fleet, Abraham; Van Vleet, Abraham Vol. 3, Pg. 86
States, Adam; Bush, Gen.; Brush, Gen. Vol. 1, Pg. 675
Stattain, Benjamin; Darwin, Thomas; Darwin, Josiah Vol. 3, Pg. 7
Stephens, Amasa; Wagoner, Petter, Lt. Col. Vol.2, Pg.980
Stephens, Jedediah Vol. 3, Pg. 273
Sternberger, Nicklas Vol. 1, Pg. 145
Sternburger, Nicklas Vol. 1, Pg. 178
Stevens, Abraham; Stevens, Adam; Stevens, Albert; Steven, Benjamin; Stevens, Daniel; Stevens, David; Stevens, Ebenezer, Lt. Col.; Stevens, Ebenezer; Stevens, Eliphelet; Stevens, Elisha; Stevens, Ephram; Stevens, Isaac; Stevens, James; Stevens, John; Stevens, John, Commander; Stevens, Jonathan; Stevens, Joseph; Stevens, Josiah; Stevens, Matthew; Stevens, Moses; Stevens, Nathaniel; Stevens, Oliver; Stevens, Otho; Stevens, Peter; Stevens, Philip; Stevens, Resolvent; Stevens, Phins; Stevens, Reuben; Stevens, Reuben, Jr.; Stevens, Roger; Stevens, Rolef; Stevens, Samuel; Stevens, Silvanus; Stevens, Simon; Stevens, Solomon; Stevens, Stephanes; Stevens, Thomas; Stevens, Timothy; Stevens, William, Capt.; Stevens, William Vol. 2, Pg. 476
Stevens, David Vol. 2, Pg. 905
Stewart, Boliver Alexander; Stewart, Jonathan; Stewart, Alexander, Pvt.; Stewart, Alexander, Quarter Master Vol. 1, Pg. 958
Stewart, Ezekiel Vol. 2, Pg. 888
Stewart, John Vol. 2, Pg. 450
Stewart, Reuben Vol. 1, Pg. 844
Stickney, James Vol. 1, Pg. 772
Still, Frances; Perkins, Thomas; Still, William Vol. 2, Pg. 433
Stoddard, Joel Vol. 2, Pg. 894
Stone, Elijah Vol. 2, Pg. 312
Storm, Adam; Storn, Adam Vol. 2, Pg. 533
Storm, Gorus; Storm, Gorios Vol. 1, Pg. 286
Stotensburg, Christopher; Stotensburg, John Vol. 2, Pg. 173
Stoutenburgh; Van Cortlandt Vol. 3, Pg. 356
Stoutenburgh, John; Stoutenburgh, Jonathan; Stoutenburgh, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 176
Strack; Strock Vol. 1, Pg. 868
Strang, John; Knapp, David; Secor, Isaac; Lee, John Vol. 1, Pg. 716
Strange, Bennager Vol. 2, Pg. 843
Straton, Thomas; Stratton, Daniel; Stratton, Hussey; Stratton, John; Stratton, Robert; Stratton, Samuel; Stratton, Stephen; Stratton, William Vol. 1, Pg. 801
Stratton, Jonathan Vol. 3, Pg. 137
Stribel, Johannes; Strebill, Jacob; Knickerbacker, James Vol. 1, Pg. 740
Striker, Abraham; Stryker, Abraham Vol. 3, Pg. 367
Strunt, Henry; Simmons, Jonas Vol. 2, Pg. 592
Sturdevant, James Vol. 2, Pg. 741
Suits, John ; Suts, John, Lt.; Suts, John, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 596
Suts, Derick Vol. 1, Pg. 284
Swan, Peter; Swan, William; Swan, Joshua; Swan, Robert Vol. 2, Pg. 304
Swartwout, William, Lt.; Swartwout, William, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 317
Sweet, Jonathan Vol. 2, Pg. 90
Sweet, Jonathan; Wilkinson, Amos Vol. 2, Pg. 742
Swezey, Joseph Vol. 2, Pg. 158
Sypher, David Vol. 1, Pg. 456