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Guide to the NYS Comptroller's Office, Outgoing Correspondence Replying to Inquiries About Records of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War

Index List for Last Names Beginning with V

Soldier Reference
Vail, Benjamin, Capt.; Vail. Benjamin, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 365
Valentine, Jacob Vol. 2, Pg. 665
Van Aken, Abraham, Capt.; Van Aken, Abraham, Lt. Vol. 2, Pg. 156
Van Aken, Abraham, Capt.; Van Aken, Abraham, Lt.; Van Aken, Elias; Van Aken, Eliphas Vol. 2, Pg. 187
Van Antwerp, Peter, Ens.; Van Antwerp, Peter, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 382
Van Benscoten, Anthony, Sr.; Van Benscoten, Anthony, Jr.; Decker, Solomon; Sedgwick, Jonathan; Tyler, Gideon; Kennedy, Henry, Col.; Kennedy, Henry, Pvt. Vol. 1, Pg. 343
Van Camp, Moses Vol. 2, Pg. 608
Van De Bogert, John Vol. 1, Pg. 830
Van Den Berk, Richard; Van Den Bergh, Rynier Vol. 2, Pg. 263
Van Devoort, Silas; Vandevort, S. Vol. 1, Pg. 321
Van Duzer, Adolf Vol. 2, Pg. 67
Van Epps, Charles; Lathers, Christopher; Van Dusen, Matthew Vol. 2, Pg. 977
Van Etten, William Vol. 2, Pg. 335
Van Fleet, Abraham; Stark, Nathan Vol. 3, Pg. 71
Van Fleet, Abraham; Stark, Nathan; Cary, Nathan; Dickson, John Vol. 3, Pg. 141
Van Gaasbek, John Vol. 2, Pg. 13
Van Hinele, Elias; Van Huicks, Elias Vol. 1, Pg. 529
Van Hyning, Henry; Van Hyning, Hendrick Vol. 1, Pg. 454
Van Ingen, Joseph, Capt. Vol. 1, Pg. 498
Van Ingen, Joseph, Capt.; Ingen, Joseph, Pvt.; Plank, Henry Vol. 3, Pg. 326
Van Keuren, Abraham, Pvt.; Hagedorn, Jacob, Lt.; Hagedorn, Peter; Hagedorn, William; Van Kewren, Abraham, Capt.; Dumont, Cornelius Vol. 3, Pg. 35
Van Ordan, Henry Vol. 1, Pg. 419
Van Orden, Henry Vol. 1, Pg. 427
Van Patten, Andries, Lt.; Van Patten, Frederick D.; Van Patten, Nicoless; Viele, Cornelius; Van Petten, Adam; Van Petten, Andries, Pvt.; Van Petten, Andries, Lt.; Van Petten, Arnet N.; Van Petten, Dierck; Van Petten, Frederick; Van Petten, Frederick S.; Van Petten, Hendrix; Van Petten, Henry; Van Petten, John, Capt.; Van Petten, Nicholas; Van Petten, Nicholas A.; Van Petten, Nicholas H.; Van Petten, Nicholas S.; Van Petten, Peter; Van Petten, Philip; Van Petten, Simen F.; Van Petten, Simon; Van Netten, Arent N.; Van Netten, Peter; Vedder, Albert; Vedder, Albert A.; Vedder, Albert San; Vedder, Alexander; Vedder, Arent; Vedder, Arent A.; Vedder, Arent S.; Vedder, Arent T.; Vedder, Arnont; Vedder, Cornelius; Vedder, Corset; Vedder, Francis; Vedder, Francis A.; Vedder, Frederick; Vedder, Hermanis; Vedder, Johannas; Vedder, John; Vedder, John A.; Vedder, John B. ; Vedder, Nicholas S.; Vedder, Nicoleas; Vedder, Peter Philip; Vedder, Phillip, Lt.; Vedder, Philip; Vedder, Seymen H.; Vedder, Seymon; Vedder, Simon; Vedder, Volbert; Vedder, Harman; Vedder, Harmanus; Vedder, Jacob; Vedder, Peter Vol. 3, Pg. 95
Van Rensselaer; Van Ness Vol. 1, Pg. 387
Van Slyke, Harmanus; Van Slyke, Harmanus A.; Vanderwarker, William Vol. 2, Pg. 465
Van Steenbergh, Benjamin; Schultz, John Vol. 2, Pg. 65
Van Steenbergh, Lt.; Benjamin, Pvt. Vol. 2, Pg. 743
Van Steenbergh, Thomas, Jr. Vol. 2, Pg. 983
Van Surdam Vol. 3, Pg. 228
Van Valkenburgh, Barent; Van Valkenburgh, Bar. J. Vol. 1 Pg. 32
Van Valkenburgh, Barent Vol. 1, Pg. 152
Van Valkenburgh, Christian Vol. 3, Pg. 68
Van Valkenburgh, Christian, Quarter Master Vol. 3, Pg. 8
Van Vleek, Abraham K. Vol. 2, Pg. 569
Van Wart, Isaac Vol.2, Pg. 867
Van Wart, Jacob; Van Wart, Jacob, Jr. Vol. 2, Pg. 738
Van Wart, John, Lt.; Van Wart, Johannes; Van Wart, Hanse; Van Wart, John, Pvt.; Van Woert, John, Pvt. Vol. 2, Pg. 677
Van Wie, Andries Vol. 2, Pg. 69
VanBrunt, Rulef Vol. 2, Pg. 529
VanHorn, Cornelius; VanHorn, Henry; VanHorn, Daniel; VanHorn, John; VanHorn, Thomas, Lt.; VanHorn, Thomas; VanHorn, Abraham, Quarter Master; VanHorn, Abraham, Pvt.; VanHorn, James; VanHorn, Abraham; VanHorn, Augustus; VanHorn, David; VanHorn, Samuel Vol. 2, Pg. 511
Vandebogart, John; Vandebogart, Nicolas; Van Den Bogardes, Nicholas; Vandebogert, John ; Van der Bogart, Johannis; Vanderbogart, Nicholas, Cpl. Vol. 1, Pg. 377
Vandebogart, John; Peaster Vol. 1, Pg. 503
Vandebogart, John Vol. 3, Pg. 377
Vandemerke, Silvester Vol. 3, Pg. 197
Vandenbogert, John Vol. 2, Pg. 1
Vandercook, Michael Vol. 1, Pg. 364
Vanderveer, Cornelius; Vanderveer, Hendrick; Vanderveer, John Vol. 1, Pg. 347
Vanderveer, Cornelius; Ditmars, Johannes; Van Brunt, Nicholas Vol. 2, Pg. 951
Vandervoort, Paul Vol. 2, Pg. 111
Varney, John Vol. 2, Pg. 646
Vaughan, Frederick; Vaughn, Frederick Vol. 1, Pg. 564
Veazey, Jeremiah Vol. 1, Pg. 373
Veeder, Abraham, Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 232
Veeder, Volkert, Col. Vol. 1, Pg. 741
Veeder, Volkert, Lt. Col.; Veeder, Abraham, Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 357
Viele, Stephen, Pvt.; Tucker, Stephen; Viele, Stephen, Quarter Master Vol. 1, Pg. 916
Vincent, Benjamin; Vincent, Nicholas Vol. 2, Pg. 352
Volentine, Stephen Vol. 2, Pg. 808
Vols, Conrad; Folts, Conrad; Fols, Conrath; Widrick, George Vol. 3. Pg. 13
Voorhees, Caret; Voorhees, Garret Vol. 1, Pg. 85
Voorheis, Peter Vol. 1. Pg. 422
Vredenburgh Vol. 1, Pg. 956
Vroman, Adam; Vroman, Adam J.; Vroman, Barent; Vroman, Bartholomew; Vroman, Cornelius; Vroman, Ephraim; Vroman, Henry; Vroman, Henry H.; Vroman, Isaac, Jr.; Vroman, Jacob S.; Vroman, John; Vroman, John I.; Vroman, Jonas; Vroman, Martin, Lt.; Vroman, Martinus; Vroman, Mathias; Vroman, Peter, Col.; Vroman, Peter, Ens.; Vroman, Peter; Vroman, Peter A.; Vroman, Peter C.; Vroman, Peter J.; Vroman, Simon; Vroman, Teunis; Vroman, Walter, Lt.; Vroman, William Vol. 2, Pg. 160