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Guide to the NYS Comptroller's Office, Outgoing Correspondence Replying to Inquiries About Records of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War

Index List for Last Names Beginning with F

Soldier Reference
Failing, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 285
Failing, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 382
Fairchild, Andrew; Fairchild, James; Fairchild, Jesse; Fairchild, Matthew; Fairchild, Oliver; Fairchild, Stephen; Fairchild, Ephraim; Fairchild, Nathaniel Vol. 2, Pg. 675
Falconer, John, Ens.; Falconer, John, Pvt.; Fisher, Elijah Vol. 1, Pg. 255
Faling, Hendrick; Felling, Henry T.; Felling, Henry John; Felling, Henry Nicholas; Feling, Henry Vol. 2, Pg. 372
Fanning, Nathaniel; Fanning, Phineas Vol. 1, Pg. 731
Fansher, Abram; Fansher, Daniel; Fansher, David; Fansher, Elijah; Fansher, Elisha; Fansher, John; Fansher, Joseph; Fansher, Nathaniel; Fansher, Squire; Fansher, William; Fansher, Abraham Vol. 2, Pg. 278
Fansher, Squire Vol. 1, Pg. 180
Farrington, Jonas; Wolfe, Anthony Vol. 1, Pg. 976
Faubele, John; Feeble, John Vol. 1, Pg. 653
Felter, Mattise, Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 219
Fenton, John Vol. 2, Pg. 930
Ferguson, Israel; Ferguson, James; Ferguson, Robert; Ferguson, William; Ferguson, Samuel; Ferguson, James; Ferguson, Caleb; Ferguson, Hezekiah; Ferguson, Enos; Ferguson, Gilbert; Ferguson, Benjamin; Ferguson, Jacob; Ferguson, John; Ferguson, Thomas; Ferguson, Jeremiah; Ferguson, Lot Vol. 1, Pg. 359
Ferguson. Samuel, Pvt.; Gaylord; Ferguson, Samuel, Capt. Vol. 1, Pg. 698
Ferres, Justus Vol. 1, Pg. 904
Ferris, John Vol. 1 Pg. 13
Ferris, John Vol. 1, Pg. 46
Ferris, Sylvanus Vol. 3, Pg. 132
Ferry, John Vol. 2, Pg 11
Finch, Isaac, Lt.; Finch, Isaac, Pvt. Vol.3, Pg. 311
Finck, Andrew; Finck, Christian Vol. 1, Pg. 231
Finck, Andrew; Finck, Christian Vol. 1, Pg. 256
Finck, Andrew, Capt.; Finck, Andrew; Gettman, Frederick; Getman, Friederich; Ecker,George; Loucks, Henry Vol. 1, Pg. 581
Findley, Charles Vol. 2, Pg. 863
Fish, Reuben Vol. 2, Pg. 350
Fisher, Abraham; Fisher, Adam; Fisher, Alexander; Fisher, Amos; Fisher, Bartholomew; Fisher, Christian; Fisher, Christopher; Fisher, Daniel; Fisher, Daniel, Jr.; Fisher, Darius; Fisher, Elijah; Fisher, Frederick, Col.; Fisher, Gilbert; Fisher, Henry; Fisher, Jacob; Fisher, James; Fisher, Jeremiah; Fisher, John, Capt.; Fisher, John, Pvt.; Fisher, Joseph, Jr.; Fisher, Nathaniel; Fisher, Nicolus; Fisher, Pounon; Fisher, Samuel, Capt.; Fisher, Samuel, Pvt.; Fisher, Tunis T.; Fisher, William; Fisher, Jabez Pond Vol. 2, Pg. 498
Fisher, Frederick, Col.; Mitchell, Andrew, Maj.; Bellinger, William Vol. 2, Pg, 378
Fisher, Thomas; Hamilton, James, Dr.; Hamilton, Hanson, Dr.; Hamilton, James, Pvt.; Webb, Samuel B., Col. Vol. 1, Pg. 344
Fisher, William Vol. 2, Pg. 883
Fisher, William Vol. 2, Pg. 955
Fitzgerald, William Vol. 3, Pg. 133
Flanburgh, Antony Vol. 1, Pg. 888
Flansburgh, David; Flansburgh, Denal; Flansburgh, John, Lt.; Flansburgh, Matthew; Flansburgh, Peter; Flansburgh, William, Lt.; Flanburgh, Antony Vol. 1, Pg. 917
Flegler, Zachariah Vol. 2, Pg. 660
Floyd, Richard Vol. 3, Pg. 345
Fonda, Issac; Fonda, Issac D., Ens.; Fonda, Issac D., Pvt.; Fonda, Isaac H.; Fonda, Isaac I. Vol. 2, Pg. 174
Foot, John Vol. 1, Pg. 806
Forbush, Bartholomew Vol. 2, Pg. 259
Force, Solomon; Force, Manning; Force, Benjamin; Force, David; Force, Timothy; Force, William Vol. 3, Pg. 322
Ford, Maj.; Ford, Jacob, Lt. Col.; Williams, Hiram Vol. 2, Pg. 87
Forman, John Vol. 2, Pg. 896
Foster, Isaac Vol. 1, Pg. 760
Fowler, Abraham; Fowler, Jonathan Vol. 3, Pg. 134
Fowler, Samuel Vol. 1, Pg. 935
Fowler, Samuel Vol. 1, Pg. 942
Fowler, Samuel; Fowler, Volentine Vol. 1, Pg. 949
Fox, Benjamin; Fox, Charles; Fox, Christian; Fox, William, Maj.; Fox, Christian William; Fox, Christoffel; Fox, Christopher, Maj.; Fox, Christopher, Capt.; Fox, Christopher W., Capt.; Fox, Consider; Fox, Daniel; Fox, David; Fox, Friederich; Fox, George; Fox, John; Fox, Jonathan; Fox, Joseph; Fox, Jost; Fox, Martin; Fox, Nathaniel; Fox, Oliver; Fox, Oliver, Jr.; Fox, Peter; Fox, Philip; Fox, Samuel; Fox, William; Fox, William, Lt.; Fox, William W.; Fox, Xenophon Vol. 3, Pg. 310
Fox, Christoffel; Fox, Christopher William Vol. 2, Pg. 833
Fox, Christopher W., Capt. Vol. 2, Pg. 919
Fox, Christopher, 2nd. Maj.; Fox, Christopher William, Capt.; Fox, Christoffel Vol. 2, Pg. 756
Fralich, Jacob; Frolich, Jacob Vol. 1, Pg. 570
Fralich, Jacob Vol. 1, Pg. 584
Francis, John Vol. 1, Pg. 460
Francis, Nathan Vol. 2, Pg. 178
Francis, Samuel; Allen, Adna Vol. 2, Pg. 181
Freeman, Phineas; Hitchcock, Noble Barnum Vol. 2, Pg. 709
Frick, Christian; Hershey, Peter Vol. 1, Pg. 593
Frtzberger, Daniel Vol. 3, Pg. 282
Fuller, Abiel; Fuller, Abner; Fuller, Abraham; Fuller, Anlaniah; Fuller, Beekman; Fuller, Benjamin; Fuller, Daniel; Fuller, David; Fuller, Elijah; Fuller, Elisha; Fuller, Gershom; Fuller, Hess; Fuller, Isaac; Fuller, Jabez; Fuller, Jebediah; Fuller, Jepotha; Fuller, Jesse; Fuller, John; Fuller, John William; Fuller, Jonathan; Fuller, Joseph; Fuller, Josiah; Fuller, Matthew; Fuller, Micah; Fuller, Michel; Fuller, Nathan; Fuller, Peter; Fuller, Philip; Fuller, Simeon; Fuller, Varsel; Fuller, William; Harmon, Michael Vol. 3, Pg. 241
Fuller, Beekman Vol. 2, Pg. 260
Fuller, Benjamin Vol. 2, Pg. 815
Fuller, Benjamin; Fuller, Ephraim Vol. 2, Pg. 981
Fuller, Benjamin Vol. 3, Pg. 74
Fuller, Ebenezer Vol. 1, Pg. 590
Fuller, Edmund Vol. 1, Pg. 591
Fuller, Gershom Vol. 2, Pg. 940
Fuller, Gershom Vol. 2, Pg. 968
Fuller, Gershom Vol. 3, Pg. 19
Fuller, Peter Vol. 3, Pg. 314
Furnam, William Vol. 2, Pg. 842