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New York State Comptroller's Office minutes of the Commissioners to Extinguish Claims Against Lands Sold by the State

Index List for Last of Names of Loyalists Beginning with J

Loyalist Claimant(s) Date Number Reference
Johnson, Elizabeth Klock, George G.;  1811-02-11 No. 48 Page 150-151
Johnson, Elizabeth Beeckman, Henry;  1811-03-07 No. 49 Page 151-152
Johnson, Guy Griswold, Edward;  1800-09-25 No. 5 Page 28-31
Johnson, John, Sir Klock, John J.; Beeck, Cornelius C.;  1802-03-08 No. 8 Page 39-43
Johnson, John, Sir Peck, James;  1803-08-22 No. 14 Page 62-64
Johnson, John, Sir Friel, Hugh; Cox, Samuel; Friel, James; Cox, Barbara;  1804-02 No. 17 Page 75-78
Johnson, John, Sir Bogert, Cornelius J.;  1804-09-20 No. 18 Page 78-81
Johnson, John, Sir Klock, Jacob G.;  1806-03-27 No. 24 Page 92-95
Johnson, John, Sir Beeckman, Hendrickie; Van Alstine, Catherine; Schuyler, Sarah; Van Alstine, Daniel, Jr.; Winnie, Levinus L.; Winnie, Ann; Beeckman, Cornelius; Beeckman, Leonard; Beeckman, Henry; Schuyler, Henry T. E.; Beeckman, John, Jr.;  1807-03-16 No. 30 Page 111-113
Johnson, John, Sir Cady, Palmer;  1808-01-07 No. 32 Page 116-118
Johnson, John, Sir Rutgers, Henry;  1809-12-11 No. 41 Page 136-137
Johnson, John, Sir McIntyre, Peter;  1810-07-13 No. 46 Page 147-148
Johnson, John, Sir Prevost, James; Prevost, George M.; Prevost, Augustine John; Prevost, Henry; Prevost, Samuel; Prevost, Louisa Charlotte;  1812-11-11 No. 53 Page 156-157
Johnson, John, Sir Shermerhorn, Cornelius, Sir; Shermerhorn, John F.;  1824-11-23 No. 63 Page 177-[179]
Johnson, Margaret Hildreth, Matthias B.;  1805-10-20 No. 26 Page 100-102
Johnson, Margaret Gray, Andrew;  1805-10-20 No. 27 Page 102-104
Johnson, William, Sir Fonda, Douw; Cochran, James;  1799-03-18 No. 1 Page 1-13
Johnson, William, Sir Robinson, John; Haddock, John W.;  1800-07-15 Unnumbered Page 19
Johnson, William, Sir Taylor, John;  1804-01-10 No. 15 Page 64-70
Johnson, William, Sir Ferguson, Magdalen; Ferguson, John;  1804-01-19 No. 16 Page 70-74
Johnson, William, Sir Kerr, William Johnson; Kerr, Mary; Kerr, Robert Joseph; Kerr, Nancy; Kerr, Walter;  1806-08-03 No. 20 Page 85-88
Johnson, William, Sir Nickerson, Darius; Munson, Joseph; Curtis, Ebenezer; Murray, William; Randel, Abraham; Munson, William; Lobdell, Zadock; Brown, Weaver; Lamberson, Cornelius;  1807-06-13 No. 31 Page 114-115