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New York State Comptroller's Office minutes of the Commissioners to Extinguish Claims Against Lands Sold by the State

Index List for Last of Names of Loyalists Beginning with C

Loyalist Claimant(s) Date Number Reference
Cadey, Palmer St. John, Alexander;  1813-11-24 No. 55 Page 160-161
Cheeseman, Nathaniel Miller, Jason; Miller, Gurdon;  1809-06-19 No. 39 Page 132-133
Claus, Daniel Vanderheyden, David;  1820-06-02 No. 60 Page 171-172
Claus, Daniel Claus, Ann;  No. 4 Page 19-28
Clement, Lewis Clement, Catalina;  1808-01-05 No. 33 Page 119-121
Crookshanks, Alexander Crookshanks, Catalina;  1802-10-30 No. 11 Page 51-55