Research Tips

Research Tips is a regular feature that introduces some of the most informative collections in the New York State Archives and guides visitors through their use. Each tip includes a brief description of records pertaining to a particular topic and clear and concise instructions on how to use the records to get information.

  1. Vital Records Index
  2. Sing Sing Admission Registers
  3. Alien Depositions
  4. Civil War Service Abstracts
  5. Marriage Bonds
  6. Highway Corridor Maps
  7. Tax Assessment Rolls
  8. CSCIC Aerial Photos
  9. Campaign Financial Disclosures
  10. GAR Records
  11. Land Patents
  12. Civil Service Employee Records
  13. Fairchild Aerial Surveys
  14. Deeds
  15. World War I Service Records
  16. Military Patents
  17. War of 1812 Claims
  18. Town Clerks' Civil War Registers
  19. Almshouse and Poorhouse Census
  20. Mix's Catalog
  21. Film Scripts
  22. War Service Records and Searches
  23. Prison Inmate Records
  24. Executive Clemency Records