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The State Archives is the final repository for many State government records. One of the Archives' primary responsibilities is to identify, preserve, and make available for research use the archival records of New York State government. Archival records are those records that have enduring legal, administrative, historical and educational, or other research value. Archival records no longer actively used by their creating agencies are transferred to the State Archives where their preservation and future accessibility are ensured.

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The New York State Archives provides reference services to the public between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The State Archives reference staff will assist the researcher with locating the requested information and printed code books and will provide other necessary advice. The State Archives presently provides the following services to allow access to electronic records.

  • Copying of documentation and codebooks for use with electronic records.
  • File copying, including a copy of the data file(s) on magnetic tape(s) or floppy disk(s), and supporting documentation. (Tape copies are in Standard-label EBCDIC format. Floppy disks are in ASCII format.)
  • Making certain data sets accessible via its ftp directory. (Downloadable data sets are in ASCII format).

Data will be provided to the public on the requested media at the cost of media replacement. The data is not to be redistributed. Processing and technical queries should be directed to the State Archives Research Services Unit, (518)474-8955.

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