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Basic Educational Data System (BEDS)
Institutional Master File

Appendices A-C. File Layouts/Codebooks

Appendices A-C contain the physical file layouts and coding information for each record type included in the IMF. The sections are separated according to record type and then arranged in chronological order: Appendix A describes district records, Appendix B describes school records (public and non-public), and Appendix C describes intermediate district (Board of Cooperative Educational Services--BOCES) records.

You may use the table below to download individual sections of Appendices A-C in WordPerfect 5.1 directly from our ftp directory. The sections range in size from 12 to 68 kb.

You may click here for directions on downloading corresponding data from the Institutional Master File.

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix A Introduction Appendix B Introduction Appendix C Introduction
Appendix A 1967
Appendix B 1967 (non-public)
Appendix B 1967 (public)
Appendix A 1968 Appendix B 1968
Appendix A 1969 Appendix B 1969
Appendix A 1970 Appendix B 1970 Appendix C 1970
Appendix A 1971 Appendix B 1971 Appendix C 1971
Appendix A 1972 Appendix B 1972 Appendix C 1972
Appendix A 1973 Appendix B 1973 Appendix C 1973
Appendix A 1974 Appendix B 1974 Appendix C 1974
Appendix A 1975 Appendix B 1975 Appendix C 1975
Appendix A 1976 Appendix B 1976 Appendix C 1976
Appendix A 1977 Appendix B 1977 Appendix C 1977
Appendix A 1978 Appendix B 1978 Appendix C 1978
Appendix A 1979 Appendix B 1979 Appendix C 1979
Appendix A 1980 Appendix B 1980 Appendix C 1980
Appendix A 1981 Appendix B 1981 Appendix C 1981

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