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We live in it, swim in it, breathe it and drink it, so New York's environment is critically important to all of us. Concern for the conservation of natural resources and the preservation of landscapes and wildlife habitats has grown dramatically. Government agencies administer environmental laws and regulations, and businesses, communities, and individuals seek to balance environmental concerns and other needs and concerns. Organizations and groups that face this challenge have widely varying viewpoints and interests.

Environmental Records in the State Archives

The New York State Archives holds records from state agencies such as the Adirondack Park Agency, Department of Environmental Conservation, and Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

A Preliminary Guide to Existing Documentation of Environmental Affairs contains a listing of records relating to environmental records in the State Archives Section.

You can continue your search for environmental records using Excelsior, the online catalog of the New State Archives and State Library.

Environmental Records available throughout the State

The State Archives has worked with people and organizations active in environmental issues to identify the issues, people, organizations, and events in environmental affairs that are most critical to document in New York State. Through the New York Environmental Affairs Documentation Project we have produced: