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Origin of the Civil War Soldiers Database

In 1893 the State Legislature appropriated $25,000 to transcribe and publish the military service records of New York State Volunteers who served during the Civil War.

  • The abstracts were compiled from original military service records held by the Adjutant General's Office and the United States War Department
  • This task was undertaken in 1893 and completed in 1906.
  • They were published, 1893-1905, as supplements to the annual reports issued by the Adjutant General's Office for those years.
  • The transcriptions do not contain all of the information that is frequently provided in the original muster roll abstracts (e.g. physical description, occupation, etc).
  • The original muster roll abstracts are now in the custody of the New York State Archives.
  • Microfilm of all of the volumes pertaining to volunteers, sharpshooters, and colored troops is available for either purchase or inter-library loan.

During the early part of the 20th century, the New York State Adjutant General's Office produced the seventeen-volume name index to the abstracts.

The Civil War Soldiers Database

  • The vast majority of names populating the Civil War Soldiers Database were obtained from the seventeen-volume unpublished name index produced by the New York State Adjutant General's Office
  • State Archives staff added to the database the names of the men who served in the United States Colored Troops from the original Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts
  • Evolving the index into a database has added the capacity to search by unit as well as by name.
  • In November 2002, a web accessible version of the Civil War Soldiers Database was made available to the public

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