Workshops: Workshop Handouts

Going Green: Training Program Changes

Effective in 2011 for local government workshops

Workshop handouts

We will no longer provide hardcopy workshop packets. Instead, we will make the handouts for all workshops in a half-year session available electronically on our website. Just go to the Workshop Handouts page and view these materials at any time. Let us know by email: if you need a CD containing our workshop workbook files. If you register for a workshop, you can choose to print the handouts and bring them with you.


Paper evaluation forms will no longer be provided at training events. After each workshop, the link to an electronic evaluation in SurveyMonkey will be conveniently posted on our website with the Workshop Handouts. We appreciate your feedback!


Printed certificates of attendance were sent via postal mail through Session I, 2011 (February-July). In the next year, certificates will be distributed electronically and upon request. Email: if you need us to email your attendance information. Stay tuned for more information about this initiative.



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