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ACT 101: Files Management Workshop

Fast and accurate retrieval of active office records is critical for the efficient operation of government. This workshop will discuss how to assess your filing system, conduct space planning, use color coding, maintain file security, and improve paper and electronic filing systems. This workshop is typically given in the fall.


Workshop workbook (PDF)

Supplemental Materials:

The following files will help you develop your own documented files management system. You can copy information from these documents and modify them to suit your particular needs. Below are brief descriptions of these files. Email the training unit at for a copy of these files on CD.

    • Master File Plan: This is a copy of a master file plan devised by the Town of Salina. It includes a detailed listing of the hierarchical structure the town uses to file all its active records.
    • Standard Filing Rules: This is a copy of the detailed filing and naming rules developed by and followed by the Town of Salina.
    • Sample Filing System Policies and Procedures: This is a sample of the wide-ranging policies and procedures an organization may maintain on all of its active filing systems.

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