New York State Archives Training Registration Help

*Email to register if website registration is down.

Current schedule

  • first browse our schedule by program, subject, or location by clicking on the bulleted hyperlinks below View Current Schedule*
  • or type in the keyword search box in the middle of the webpage to look for events by searching through words or phrases in their descriptions
  • then sort the order of the resulting schedule by using the "Sort by" pull-down menu at the top of the screen to look at the list by date, title, catalog # or other choices

Registration for one person

Go to

  1. View Current Schedule:
    Choose the events on our schedule that you want to attend.
  2. Add to Your List of Workshops:
    • Create a virtual list of workshops.
    • Click the link "Add to Your List of Workshops" below the event's information to choose that specific workshop.
    • Add one event at a time to your virtual list.
  3. View Your List of Workshops and Register:
    Click the bold link "View Your List of Workshops and Register" at the top or bottom of the screen. Do not skip this step. You must review the screen called "Your List of Workshops" before you move forward to the registration form.
  4. Continue Browsing the Schedule (optional link):
    Click on this link only if you want to go back to the current schedule to search for more events to add to your virtual list of workshops.
  5. Register for These Workshops:
    To register when you list is ready, click on the "Register for These Workshops" link to register for all of the events in your virtual list at the same time.
  6. Tell us where you work:
    • We will ask you what kind of organization you work for in order to narrown down the list of organizations in our customer database and find your employer's name in our records.
    • State Agency staff do not need to identify their county.
    • Or you can opt to click on the "Skip to Registration Form" link.
  7. Registration form:
    Then fill out an online registration form and click on the "Submit registration" button when the form is complete.
  8. Confirmation:
    You are done registering when the screen reads "Registration Complete." We will send you an email confirmation on the same day you register on our website.
  9. Workshop Handouts:
    A few days before most local government events, you will be emailed instructions to download your workshop workbook file from our website and print it.
  10. Help:
    If you need help, call (518) 474-6926 or email us at

Registration for multiple people

  • Complete the registration process individually for one person.
  • For the next person, click on the "View Your List of Workshops and Register" link.
  • The virtual list of workshops remains the same unless you click "Remove from Your List of Workshops" to remove an event from the workshop list you created.
  • Repeat the process to add or remove workshops as needed to create the final list you want.
  • Then click on "Register for These Workshops" and follow the screens to tell us where the registrant works and submit the registration form.

Common registration errors

  1. Missing confirmation emails:

Email us your name and your workshop choice(s) at to re-request an email confirmation.

    • You must click "Add to Your List of Workshops" before submitting your registration form. Occasionally registrants forget to review their virtual workshop list to be sure the workshop(s) they want are listed before they submit the registration form.
    • The email might be in a Spam or Bulk email folder.
    • Some registrants mistype their email address on the registration form.
    • One of the email servers might have been down.
  1. Sending bad hyperlinks in email:

Use the hyperlink below to tell your colleagues about our training events

    • Do not share other hyperlinks because they can cause an error and the registration will not be completed.
    • Our online registration technology only works if a customer turns on cookies in their browser and starts from one of the bulleted links below "View Current Schedule".
    • You can download a copy of our complete training schedule as a PDF to distribute to your colleagues.
    • Or request a plain text copy by emailing


To cancel or change your registration, please notify us via email at

Training subjects

New York State Archives workshops, webinars and other training events are divided into general subject sequences:

  • Active Records (ACT)
  • Archives (ARC)
  • Basics (BAS)
  • Events (EVENT)
  • Meetings (varies)
  • Planning (PLN)
  • Reprographics (REP)
  • Tours (TOUR)
  • Web (WEB)

You can also download a list of our available workshop titles in PDF format or look at our training subject index.

Requests? Email us at

Course catalog #

Within a subject, our workshops, webinars and other training events are organized numerically (WEB 101, WEB 201, WEB 301) as they are in college curricula. More advanced material will have a higher number.

No pre-requisite requirements

Attendance at a workshop or other event earlier in the numbering sequence will not be required to attend another workshop, although such attendance is encouraged.

Reasonable accommodations

For reasonable accommodations such as interpreters, assistive listening devices, large print or braille materials, please contact the Archives at (518) 474-6926 or

Mailing lists

Keep your email address updated.

  • For statewide training announcements for all State Archives customers, send your name, affiliation, and email address with the subject line SUBSCRIBE SARATRAINING to To be removed from the list, send an email with the subject line UNSUBSCRIBE SARATRAINING to the same address.
  • If you are a government customer, please contact the State Archives regional office in your county to subscribe or unsubscribe from our local email newsletters.
  • If you are interested in New York's history, you might want to join NYHIST-L, the discussion group for people interested in state history.

Contact us

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Request workshops:

Do you need a workshop at an alternate time? Do you want new or customized archives and records management training? Please contact the State Archives at (518) 474-6926 or

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!