Webinar: Scanning Essentials for Grant Writing

This training was held on November 14th, 2013. A video recording of the meeting is available.

Description: Digital imaging has become such a valuable tool in the modern local government environment. Scanning paper records and integrating them into electronic content management systems can enhance access, sharing and management of valuable informational assets. But how does one decide what records to digitize? What the initial and ongoing costs will be? Who should do the work? And all of the steps from beginning to end that will lead to a successful project? Also, as document conversion and electronic management systems are fundable via LGRMIF grants, how does one develop an effective proposal to cover labor, scanning and software costs associated with establishing this kind of system? These are some of the subjects that will explored with the intent to cover not only scanning essentials, but to fold them into the development of an effective LGRMIF grant proposal.

This workshop was offered by Local Government Office Region 5.