Minutes of the Archives Partnership Trust Board's Program & Development Committee Meeting

10:00 am, October 3, 2013
The Cultural Education Center, 9th Floor, Albany, NY

Committee Members Present 

Gary Smith

By telephone: Kathy Ahearn, Nedda Allbray, Kim Gilmore, and Stephen Pagano.


By telephone: Robert Bullock

Staff Present

Christine Ward, Chief Executive Officer and Grazia Yaeger, Assistant Secretary and Manager of Membership and Special Initiatives.

Call to Order

Chair, Mr. Smith called the meeting to order at 10:05 am. He welcomed the Program and Development Committee members, Bob Bullock who is advising the Committee, and staff to the meeting, noting the presence of a quorum.

He stated that the charge for this committee is to assist the director in raising money. The immediate needs of the Trust include raising $30,000 in advertising for the magazine, corporate donations and increasing the Annual Fund.

The committee discussed approaching attorneys with a magazine and follow-up letter to become members. Mr. Bullock shared that attorneys have been a target for the Trust, however, with little success. It is important to establish a meaningful relationship with potential donors. Targeting a small group of prospects with a specific need in mind is the best approach. Ms. Ahearn agreed with Mr. Bullock in respect to approaching law firms.

Mr. Bullock suggested that the committee focus on their connections to banks, major grocery stores and other corporations. Companies such as Hannaford, First Niagara, Berkshire Bank, Bank of America. Ms. Yaeger offered to pull together a list of organizations that have once been supporters and organizations that the Trust would like to cultivate for donations.

Mr. Pagano asked if The Adirondack Trust Company might be someone to further approach. He added that there might be a story for the magazine. Also, Ancestory.com might offer an opportunity, especially since the Archives already has a connection.

Dr. Allbray suggested we sell Archival images to the public. Ms. Yaeger explained that we do, but is working on improving the service. Mr. Smith agreed that this is a good idea and would like to assist to help make it happen.

Ms. Ward shared with the committee that Annual Fund is currently at $14,000. The next mailing will go out by early to mid November. We will need significant assistance from members of the Program & Development Committee to encourage their Board colleagues to give at high levels and to bring in additional donations.  Last year we raised $97,000.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ms. Ahearn, seconded by Mr. Pagano and unanimously passed.  Mr. Smith adjourned the meeting at 11:10am and thanked all for their participation.

Respectfully submitted,

Grazia A. Yaeger
Assistant Secretary
October 11, 2013