Minutes of the Archives Partnership Trust Board's Executive Committee Meeting

9:00 am, April 29, 2013
The Cultural Education Center, Room, Librarian Room, 7th Floor, Albany, NY

Executive Committee Members Present
John Hanna, Jr., Board Chair; Barbara Brinkley, Board Treasurer; Nedda Allbray, and Gary Smith (all attending telephonically).

Staff Present
Christine Ward, Chief Executive Officer; Jill Rydberg, Assistant Treasurer and Administrative Officer/Director of Prospect Research; and Grazia Yaeger, Assistant Secretary and Manager of Membership and Special Initiatives.

Executive Committee Members Excused
George R. Hearst III, Board Vice Chair and Tom Birdsey.

Call to Order

Chair, Mr. Hanna called the meeting to order at 9:20 am. He welcomed Executive Committee members and staff to the meeting, noting the presence of a quorum.

Resolution to Approve a Contract with Josie Madison to serve as New York Archives editor

The only item on the agenda was a resolution to approve a contract with Josie Madison to serve as New York Archives editor. Ms. Ward noted that the reason for bringing this contract approval before the Executive Committee now rather than wait until the Board’s May 23, 2013, meeting, is that the backlog of articles existing upon former editor, Judy Hohmann’s departure have been largely used up to produce the Spring and Summer issues of New York Archives.  It is critical to get a new editor on board immediately in order to begin identifying authors/articles for the Fall issue.

The motion to approve the contract was made by Dr. Allbray and seconded by Ms. Brinkley. Mr. Hanna asked Ms. Yaeger to read the resolution to the Executive Committee and asked Ms. Ward to present her report of the search committee.

Ms. Ward said that a formal Request for Quotes (RFQ) was sent to 24 individuals, shared with the Board and State Archives staff to share with others, as well as posted in the Contract Reporter. The RFQ was prepared by Ms. Rydberg in consultation with former magazine editor, Ms. Judy Hohmann. The Trust received seven proposals that were reviewed by the search committee,which included Jill Rydberg, Judy Hohmann, Kris Fitzgerald, graphic designer and Jeanne Finley, copy editor of New York Archives magazine.

The committee interviewed 4 candidates for managing editor of the magazine. They were: Kirsten Ferguson, Dennis Gaffney, Diana Waite/Mt. Ida Press, and Josie Madison. Ms. Ward asked the committee to review proposals against criteria such as:

  • project management experience,
  • editing experience,
  • broad knowledge of American, particularly NY history,
  • familiarity with the NY history community, associations and practitioners (especially those doingresearch using archival resources),
  • experience interpreting history to a broad, non-historical audience(writing, teaching, exhibitions, etc.),
  • experience using new technology and ability to apply it to improve/advance/promote the magazine, and
  • some very important intangibles such as ability to work with an already established high functioning team, including staff of the Archives, Trust, and magazine production group.

The committee then discussed their findings with Ms. Ward and she recommends that the Trust enter into a contract with Ms. Josie Madison. Ms. Madison meets all the qualifications laid out by Ms. Ward.

Ms. Ward believes that Ms. Madison'sskills and experiencewill translate into success as the managing editor of New York Archives magazine.  Ms. Ward welcomed questions.

Dr. Allbray asked a series of questions including, what specifically she had edited; how has she dealt with documentary history; will she have an office at the Trust offices and did she express making this a long term commitment so that the quality of the magazine is consistent? 

Ms. Ward said that Ms. Madison:

  • has served for three years as contract editor for Peoples Education, a major publisher of educational texts, editing manuscripts of textbooks, and workbooks in math and reading,
  • has consulted for several years with Trust-funded State Archives educational projects that included web site content editing.
  • has served as a manuscripts reviewer for the Organization of Educational Historians
  • has excellent contacts in the history practitioner field, such as public historians, educators and historians, to identify good articles,
  • offered the strongest network in the area of history to not only identify authors/articles quickly for the Fall issue, but also create a back-log of articles for the magazine,
  •  will be provided working space because  interaction with Trust & Archives staff (including Reference staff), and researchers is important to the success of her work, and
  •  intends to stay editor long-term. Ms. Rydberg added that during the interview, Ms. Madison indicated the magazine editor role would compliment her future work goals.

Mr. Hanna was concerned that selecting Ms. Madison might cause the Trust to be insular and parochial. However, Ms. Ward assured Mr. Hanna that Ms. Madison comes to the magazine with fresh ideas and intends to expand the breadth of the magazine’s offerings through her contacts in the history, archival, and education communities.  She does not intend to drastically change the magazine and was the only candidate to share her ideas about using technology to more widely promote the magazine.

Mr. Hanna called for a vote and the motion to approve the contract with Ms. Madison was unanimously approved.

Resolved:  That Josie Madison be retained to serve as editor of New York Archives magazine at a cost not to exceed $30,000 under a one-year contract for the period May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014, with renewal possible for up to four one-year periods, in substantially the form presented to the Archives Partnership Trust Board’s Executive Committee at it’s April 29, 2013, meeting.  Renewal of the contract in any year will be subject to Board approval.


Upon the motion to adjourn the meeting made by Ms. Brinkley, seconded by Dr. Allbray, and unanimously passed, Mr. Hanna adjourned the meeting at 9:50 am and thanked all for their participation.  Ms. Brinkley thanked the Trust staff and the committee for their hard work.                                                                                                             

Respectfully submitted,

Grazia A. Yaeger
Assistant Secretary
April 30, 2013