Images and Note Cards


The New York State Archives and Archives Partnership Trust have partnered with the Times Union and Bokland Custom Visuals to provide you with an opportunity to purchase select high quality classic images from the collections of the New York State Archives, reproduced as high-quality, duo-tone photographs by visiting Times Union History Consortium

Members of the Trust get 15% off the listed rates for New York State Archives images. This discount cannot be applied to images offered by the other institutions in the Consortium. (Each image description includes the name of the offering institution, and you can shop by offering institution or by categories).

However, while we wait for a special discount field to be added to the shopping cart, you will need to contact Bokland (email:; phone: 518-489-8012) after completing your order to request your discount. The discount will not appear on your receipt generated by the computer when you submit your order.

Upon providing Bokland with: 1) your order number and 2) your Trust member number, the discount will be applied to the New York State Archives images in your order. We apologize for the extra step, but wanted to assure there was a way for members to get their discount while we wait for the shopping cart changes. If you have any questions, please contact the Archives Partnership Trust at 518-473-7091 or