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Who can apply for a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund Grant (LGRMIF)?

LGRMIF grants are intended for local governments in New York State. Any local government in the state can apply for an LGRMIF grant so long as it has no outstanding final grant reports or reimbursements to the state and so long as it has a Records Management Officer (RMO) and has adopted the State Archives LGS-1 records retention and disposition schedule by the application deadline. The LGS-1 schedule must be adopted by January 1, 2021, regardless of the LGRMIF application deadline. Note that housing authorities across the state as well as agencies of New York City are exempted from the requirement of having an RMO.

Pursuant to Chapter 508 of the Laws of 2014 (volunteer) fire companies and voluntary ambulance services, as defined in section 100 of the General Municipal Law, are now eligible to apply for LGRMIF grants. As these entities are not local governments under the Local Government Records Law, they are not at this time required to appoint a records management officer (RMO) or adopt the State Archives LGS-1 records retention and disposition schedule.

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