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Methodology: Documentation Planning

The New York State Archives has adapted sound principles of documentation planning and implementation to achieve the goals of this project. Specific steps include:

  • Define the overall documentation topic and determine its parameters.
  • Conduct background research to determine the documentary universe.
  • Identify specific topics to document and the criteria for prioritizing them.
  • Assess existing documentation in relation to priorities.
  • Identify and prioritize actions needed to address documentation needs.
  • Prepare and distribute documentation plan.
  • Survey the records (by surveying likely record holders).
  • Work with the record holders to determine which records to save.
  • Assist repositories in facilitating physical and intellectual access.

For an expanded outline of the project methodology, please click here. For detailed information on the documentation planning and implementation paradigm, visit:

  • Documentation Basics: A Guide to Planning and Managing Documentation Projects, Pub. #79