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Catalog Number: 569238

Title: Committee Papers, 1947 - 1974.

Corp/Agency Author: U.S. House of Representatives. Committee on Education and Labor. (1946 - 01/04/1995) (Predecessor).

Quantity: 214 linear feet, 10 linear inches (491 legal archives box, standard).

Physical medium: Textual records. Paper. Bound volume.

Access restrictions: Restricted - possibly.
House Rule.
Some records in this series, such as executive session transcripts, may be closed for 50 years under the provisions of House Rule VII.

Terms of reproduction and use: Unrestricted.

Summary: This series contains minutes, petitions, memorials, bills, reports, and correspondence created by or referred to the Committee on Education and the Workforce and its predecessors.
Detailed minutes of committee meetings are filed with the committee papers for each Congress. The minutes vary in detail and completeness. The minutes from 1961-1962 (87A-F4.3) include those of subcommittee meetings as well as full committee meetings. The minutes for 1967-1968 (90A-F4) include vote tallies.

The petitions and memorials referred to the committee include appeals for federal aid to education (80A-H3.1, 81A-H3.2, 82A-H4.1, 85A-H4.1), fair employment practices (80A-H3.2, 81A-H3.1), the minimum wage law (84A-H4, 89A-H4), repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act (81A-H3.3), concern for safety in workplaces (82A-H4.1), and other subjects.

Over half of the committee papers consist of printer's copies and page proofs of published hearings that were preserved with the records of the 80th Congress. For most Congresses the committee papers contain copies of all committee published hearings, prints, legislative calendars, and selected reports. Although the committee published most of the hearings it held, there are unprinted transcripts of hearings on subjects such as labor - management relations reform (86A-F5.4), juvenile delinquency (88A-F4), and Vocational Rehabilitation Act amendments (89A-F4).

The committee papers generally contain part or all of the executive communications that were referred to the committee. These usually consist of annual reports and special reports from the Commissioner of Education; the National Labor Relations Board; the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service; the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; St. Elizabeth's Hospital; and other organizations under the committee's jurisdiction. Also included in the series are drafts of proposed legislation prepared by executive departments. Some messages of the President that were referred to the committee are also retained in the files; for example, Truman's 1950 message regarding the federal takeover of the coal mines (81A-F5.4) and Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1954 message on labor relations legislation (83A-F5.6).

The bill files consist primarily of printed copies of the bills and accompanying reports and only occasionally include the written comments of the federal agencies affected by the legislation. The sheer volume of the bill files, however, reflects the increase in legislation referred to the committee: the 80th-83d Congresses averaged 290 bills referred and 12 bills reported per Congress, while the 87th-90th congresses averaged over 820 bills referred and 38 bills reported per Congress.

Arrangement: Arranged by Congress and thereunder generally by document type.

Hierarchical level: Series from Record Group 233: Records of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1789 - 2005.

General Note: The alphanumeric designations cited in this description are file numbers used to identify specific files. The number and letter to the left of the hyphen indicates the Congress and the type of legislative activity (ex, "A" indicates legislative proceedings). The letter and number to the right of the hyphen indicate the series and file segment within the records of that Congress.

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