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The George H.W. Bush Years: Goals Panel

Although the summit developed the groundwork for these goals, it did not design or produce any strategies to realize them. To maintain a focus on the effort, the administration created the National Education Goals Panel in July 1990 by executive order. The charge to the panel was to monitor and report progress toward the goals to the public. The panel was created with fourteen people-four from administration, six governors, two senators, and two members of the House of Representatives. Years later, four representatives of state legislatures were added. The National Governors Association, having been instrumental in the development and adoption of the goals, selected Colorado governor Roy Romer as the panel's first chair.

Initially, the panel received a good deal of attention and considerable support. It created a task force for each of the six goals to investigate potential activities for that particular area. However, without any power or mechanisms for implementation at its disposal, and without any particular entities to hold accountable for progress toward the goals, the panel came to be seen as limited in its effectiveness. After years of turnover and diminished interest, funding for the panel was eliminated in 2002, and it ceased to exist. Though it did not directly stimulate a great deal of activity and met its demise without seeing the goals achieved, the panel did bring together Republicans and Democrats around a shared set of goals and helped to focus the nation's attention on expected student outcomes.


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