Education Policy: Research: Historical Overview:

Federal Education Policy and the States, 1945-2009

Credits and Acknowledgements

States' Impact on Federal Education Policy Project

Project Director: Kathleen Roe, Director of Operations, New York State Archives

Project Coordinator: John W. Suter, Documentation Planning, New York State Archives

Project Archivist: Jesse Brown, New York State Archives

Project Assistant: Patricia Nugai, New York State Archives

Project Advisors:

Gordon M. Ambach, New York State Education Department; Council of Chief State School Officers, ret.

Christopher T. Cross, Cross & Joftus, LLC

Lawrence C. Gloeckler, Special Education Institute, International Center for Leadership in Education

Margaret E. Goertz, Consortium for Policy Research in Education, University of Pennsylvania

Josué González, Center for Education Equity & Language Diversity, Arizona State University

John F. (Jack) Jennings, Center on Education Policy

Carl Kaestle, Department of Education, Brown University

Thomas E. Mills, National Archives and Records Administration

Lynn Olson, Education Week

Glenda Partee, State Education Office, District of Columbia

Patricia F. Sullivan, Center on Education Policy

Frank Thompson, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs, University at Albany

Project funded by The New York Community Trust - Wallace Foundation Special Projects Fund


Federal Education Policy and the States, 1945-2004: A Brief Synopsis

Project Advisors

Drawing on their vast knowledge and experience in education policy, the project advisors listed above provided invaluable guidance in shaping the scope and contents of this essay.

Contributing Writers:

Adam Nelson, Education Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin

Elliot Weinbaum, Consortium for Policy Research in Education, University of Pennsylvania

Contributing Staff:

John W. Suter, New York State Archives

Robert Klingenberger, New York State Archives


John Backman, Backman Writing & Communications

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