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Acknowledgement of War service, Oneida Indians, Revolutionary War, 1792

Acknowledgement of war service, Oneida Indians
New York State Archives, NYSA_A0802-78_V15_070b
Document Description
Acknowledgement by Oneida Indians of receipt of 50 blankets from the people of the State of New York as a "gratuity" for warriors' service during the Revolutionary War, June 8, 1792.
We the Subscriber Warriors of the Oneida Nation of the Indians being a deputation of Fifty of the Warriors of the said Nation appointed for that purpose do hereby Acknowledge to have received from the people of the State of New York fifty Blankets & Two Suits of Indian Clothing, the same being a Gratuity in Consequence of a promise made to the Said Warriors by Col. Willett, for particular services rendered by them when on an Expedition under his Command during the late War. As Witness our hands at Fort Schuyler the 8 of June 1792
Beech Tree +Saderykros +
Kay Dothe +Calondoda +
Ludwig + Peter +
Christian +Theothady +
Polis +Christian +
Big Bear Klinus +Kandaorthy +
William, Tomas Son. +Casqualaquay +
Agethyhunke +Kanough +
Karundawa + Shacanunghwas +
Canawagaink +Thepwansky +
Shelogadass +
Theoaadaas +

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