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American Revolution Inquiry

Setting the Stage
Introduce the topic of mapping the American Revolution to students using the video link below. Students will learn about key geographic areas, including: where important battles took place, and New York’s geographic location in relation to the other colonies.​
Supporting Questions
What was New York’s geographic location compared to the other colonies?
Which areas of New York were targets of British campaigns?
How did Benedict Arnold utilize his knowledge of New York to help the British?
Formative Assessment
List the important geographic features of New York State based on the maps.
List the areas targeted by the British and explain why the British targeted those areas.
Explain Arnold’s plan and why he chose New York for its execution.
On a large map of New York State, draw and label key areas of significance during the American Revolution. Write why those areas were significant.
What is the importance of New York State today? How does it relate to its neighboring states?
Taking Informed Action
Is there an area close to your local community that played a role in the American Revolution? If so, has it been recognized for its role? If not, brainstorm ideas for recognizing it.