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Breakfast Menu, S.S. Coamo of the Porto Rico Line, 1935

Breakfast Menu, S. S. Coamo

Breakfast Menu, S. S. Coamo

Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College, CUNY, CEN_JRM_226
Document Description
Breakfast menu for Tuesday, October 29, 1935, on the S.S. Coamo of the Porto Rico Line.
Do you see any foods you don’t recognize?
What is the name of the ship this meal is being served on?
Why would they have a menu on a steamship?
What kinds of workers would it require to serve this kind of breakfast?
On what date was this breakfast served?
Do you notice any Spanish food on the menu?
What would you have chosen for breakfast?
Historical Challenges
What was going on in the United States during the 1930s? Would this be a typical meal for most people at that time?
Find out what happened to the S.S. Coamo during World War II.
Interdisciplinary Connections
Home and Career: Write a dinner and lunch menu for the S.S. Coamo for the time period.
Art: Make a poster advertising a trip to New York City from San Juan on the S.S. Coamo. What kind of service would a person expect?
English Language Arts: Locate a breakfast menu from a cruise ship today. Write down the similarities and differences from the one on the Porto Rico Line.


Historical Context
The New York and Porto Rico Steamship Company ran from 1873 to 1949 under many different owners and operators. However, in spite of all of the changes, the line always served passengers traveling between New York City and San Juan.

In 1873 Archibald H. Bull began the line as a passenger steamship company consisting of British ships and sailing under a British flag. When Puerto Rico became part of the United States, Bull changed to American-made ships and sailed under the American flag. This change marked the beginning of the New York and Puerto Rico Steamship Company. The company changed hands many times, but always served the people of Puerto Rico and America.
Essential Question
How do existing populations view immigrants?
Check for Understanding
Determine the audience for this menu and explain why these foods were chosen.