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Calle Muelle, Tampico, Mexico, 1923

Mexico.  Tampico.  One of the Main Business Streets, Calle Muelle.  (1923)
New York State Archives, NYSA_A3045-78_13287
Document Description
Calle Muelle, one of the main business streets in Tampico, Mexico, 1923.
What language is used on the signs in this photograph?
Can you find the name of the city in the photograph?
Does the city in the photograph look like a modern city?  Why or why not?
Do you think this was a "modern" city when this photograph was taken in 1923?
What signs of technology do you see in the photograph?
Is Tampico a "modern" city today?
What are some of the major industries in Tampico today?
What direction would you have to travel from Mexico City to get to Tampico?
Based on the photograph and on Tampico's location, what do you think were the major forms of transportation in Tampico in 1923?
What do you think would be the best way to travel from Tampico to Merida? Explain your answer.
Historical Challenges
How has the oil industry changed the city of Tampico?
Interdisciplinary Connections
Math: Using the scale on a map, is Tampico closer to San Antonio or to the Pacific Ocean? How much closer?
Science: How is oil made? Why is so much oil found in the ground near Tampico? How do people find the oil if it is underground? How is the oil taken from the ground?
English Language Arts: Write a letter to the city of Tampico asking for information about the city.
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Historical Context
The city of Tampico in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, is located on the Panuco River near the Gulf of Mexico.  The city began as a Franciscan monastery built around 1532 on the ruins of an Aztec village.  Today, the city is an important port, especially for exporting Mexico’s most valuable natural resource, oil, which is produced in the region.
Essential Question
How does culture influence the economy of a society?
Check for Understanding
Describe the scene in the photograph and determine the influence of culture on the economy.