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Castle Garden Photograph

New York City Aquarium, New York Harbor
New York State Archives, NYSA_A3045-78_D47_NG4
Document Description
Photograph of the New York City Aquarium, 1890-1910, formerly Castle Garden Immigration Center.
What purpose did this building serve when this photograph was taken?
Why do you think this place is called Castle Garden? Use evidence from the photograph to explain your answer.
How do you think immigrants might have reacted to the sight of this building when they arrived?

Historical Context
Prior to the opening of Ellis Island in 1892, most immigrants into the United States came through Castle Garden. Castle Garden functioned as the first immigration center for the United States from 1855 until 1890.
Essential Question
What is the American immigrant experience?
Check for Understanding
Describe the appearance and significance of Castle Garden from the perspective of an immigrant.