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Deeds for Land, Military Tract, Cayuga County, 1791 (Issac Samson and Hanyost Tewahongarahken)

Deeds for sale of land owned by Isaac Samson and Hanyost Tewahongarahken

Deeds for sale of land owned by Isaac Samson and Hanyost Tewahongarahken

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Document Description
Issac Samson and Hanyost Tewahongarahken sell their land in the Military Tract in Cayuga County, 1791. (Also see: Simeon DeWitt's map of the Military Tract)

Historical Context
These two deeds recorded in 1791 in Cayuga County document the sale of land originally given to Issac Samson and Hanyost Tewahongarahken, an Oneida Indian, for their service in the American Revolution. Their lots can be located on the Simeon DeWitt map of the Military Tract Lands in New York.

During the Revolutionary War, men who joined the Continental army were promised a minimum of 600 acres of land for their service. After the war, both the Federal and New York State governments granted to the veterans land in the central part of the State called the Military Tract. Over 1.5 million acres were divided into 28 townships six miles square and mapped by Simeon DeWitt. This tract in the Finger Lakes district included the present counties of Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Cortland, and portions of Oswego, Wayne, Schuyler, and Tompkins counties. The number of acres each man received was determined by his rank in the army. Each veteran drew a number that indicated the piece of bounty land he was to receive. Many who were granted land in the military tract had no intention of moving to a new location, and sold their parcel to land speculators or other interested parties.


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