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Do the Elections Matter?" Hostos Community College Debate Leaflet, c. mid 1970s

Flyer - Debate/ Racism, Housing, Jobs, Justice Immigration, Student Aid
Hostos Community College Archives, HOS_GeMe_B2_CTCFHSC_770
Document Description
Flyer, written in English and in Spanish, publicizing debate with the topic "Do the elections matter?" organized by Hostos Community College, Bronx, N.Y., c. mid 1970s. Debate participants were Professor Edward Maynard of the Democratic Party, Professor Marta Rivera of the New Alliance Party and Professor Riccardo Boehm of the Republican Party.; Co-sponsors of the event were the Hostos Anti-Apartheid Committee, Hostos Solidarity Coalition, Hostos/Universidad Centroamerica Exchange, Mujeres Unidas and the Social Sciences Club.

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