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Erie Canal Book

Erie Canal: New York's Gift To The Nation A Document Based Teacher Resource is now available. The book combines archival documents, essays from historians, and lessons from teachers into one desktop reference that will help fulfill New York State's learning standards, and complement any history curriculum in the nation.

Erie Canal: New York's Gift To The Nation may be purchased by contacting Cobblestone Publishing Company at (800) 821-0115 or through their website at Visitors to the Cobblestone website may view a sample of the images appearing in the book and the table of contents.

Publishers of Erie Canal: New York's Gift To The Nation are the Archives Partnership Trust, a not-for-profit organization created to enhance the programs of the State Archives, and Cobblestone Publishing Company, a leading national publisher of educational materials. A portion of the revenues generated from the sale of the book will be utilized by the Partnership Trust to fund innovative educational programs at the State Archives.