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Flyer Announcing Mexican Fiesta, Sodus Primary School, Sodus, N.Y., September 17, 2000

Mailer flyer, Sodus Primary School Fiesta Mexicana, Spetember 17, 2000

Cornell University Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, KRO_23_13_3160_B5F43_08
Document Description
Flyer announcing Mexican Fiesta held at Sodus Primary School, Sodus, N.Y., September 17, 2000. The event was part of an intercultural initiative begun in the area in the late 1980s with the goal of easing relations and fostering communication between seasonal workers and local residents.
What is the purpose of this flyer? Why do you think it is written in both English and Spanish?
What is a fiesta?
Why would an elementary school host a Mexican fiesta?
What types of activities will there be at the fiesta?
What do you think their school’s population is like?
What organizations sponsored the fiesta?
In what New York county is the Sodus School located?
Historical Challenges
Cinco de Mayo commemorates a great Mexican military victory over France. Why was France even in Mexico at the time?
The United States is a multicultural society. Research the contributions people from other countries have made to our nation and culture.
Interdisciplinary Connections
Art: Research a popular Mexican fiesta and create a travel brochure persuading people to attend.
English Language Arts: Plan a festival in your school representing ethnic groups in your community.
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Historical Context
Fiestas, or celebrations, have long been a part of Mexican tradition. Many Mexican fiestas are related to the Catholic Church. Activities during fiestas could include decorating with brightly colored lanterns hung across streets and courtyards, fireworks, piñatas, puppet performances, and religious pilgrimages.

Some well-known Mexican fiestas include Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, and Las Posadas. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the United States than in Mexico itself even though the fiesta commemorates the Battle of Puebla, which occurred on May 5, 1862. On that day, the Mexican army defeated the French army. Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, honors those who have passed away and occurs on the Catholic holy day, All Souls Day, which is November 2. The Las Posadas fiesta is another Catholic-based holiday. It occurs during the Christmas season to honor the struggle Mary and Joseph endured in Bethlehem before their son Jesus was born. 
Essential Question
How does immigrant culture influence a local community?
Check for Understanding
Describe the Mexican fiesta and explain how this event would impact the local community.