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Letter from Mary A. Young to NYS War Council, Committee on Discrimination in Employment, 1942

Letter from Mary A. Young to NYS War Council, Committee on Discrimination in Employment
New York State Archives, NYSA_A4278-78_B3_F116_001
Document Description
Letter by Mary A. Young alleging racial discrimination in hiring, July 7 1942. Young indicated that she and two friends had applied for clerical positions, but had "not very subtly" been passed over because of racial discrimination by the employment agency.
41 St. Nicholas Terrace
Apt. 57
New York City, N.Y.
July 7, 1942
St.[ate] War Council Committee on
Discrimination In Employment
New York, N.Y.
Dear Sirs:
This morning two friends and I went to the Hamilton Employment Agency to apply for
clerical and secretarial work and were discriminated against in employment. The nature of the discrimination was this: there were about 100 white girls waiting when we—three Negroe —entered, one of the interviewers called out to us, “What do you girls want?” We stated our business there as applicants for the named jobs. The interviewer gave us a card to fill out and mail to the agency, however, the top was torn from our cards which made the card void (this information was stated on the back of the blank)[.] In our opinion we were discriminated because of our nationality and not very subtly.
Can you do anything about this?
Thank you,
Mary A. Young
[N.B. A handwritten note under the
writer’s address reads “Given to me in Person 7-7-42” and is
stamped “Bernard Gittelson”.

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