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Map Showing Principal Railroads, Mexico, 1928

Map of Mexico Showing Principal Railroads.  Prepared by the Visual Instruction Division.  (1928)
New York State Archives, NYSA_A3045-78_13285
Document Description
Map of Mexico showing main railroads, 1928.
What kind of map is this?
What states and countries border Mexico?
What major bodies of water border Mexico?
How does the map show that Mexico City was the most important city in Mexico when the map was created?
Railroads were an important form of transportation when this map was made.  What other forms of transportation have become popular since this map was made?
If you were to travel in Mexico, what form of transportation would you use?  Why?
Historical Challenges
The name of one of the countries on this map has changed since the map was created in 1928. Which country is it? What is it called now? Relabel this map to show the change.
Interdisciplinary Connections
Math: What is the farthest distance you could travel by railroad in Mexico in 1928 without backtracking?
Science: Why doesn't this map show very many railroads in the southern part of Mexico?
English Language Arts/Math/Science: Using this map, plan a train trip through Mexico. Describe the places you will stay, the sites you plan to see, and the landscape out your window as you travel. Create a schedule of how long it will take you to travel and how long you will stay in each place.
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Historical Context
Mexico was one of the first Latin American countries to promote the development of a railroad system.  Today, the railroads are often slow and unreliable, and highways have become the major mode of transportation.  Much of the freight in Mexico is hauled on trucks, and many people choose to travel on interstate buses.  In addition, air travel is growing in importance as the tourism industry expands.
Essential Question
How does geography influence the economy of a society?
Check for Understanding
Determine the total miles covered by the Mexican railroad system and evaluate the impact of the system on the Mexican economy.