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Milk Delivery Truck, c. 1940

Milk Truck

Milk Truck

New York State Archives, NYSA_14655-88_B19_milktruck
Document Description
A milk truck delivers bottled milk to a suburban community, c. 1940.
What is in the bottles the man is carrying?
What form of transportation is shown in this picture?
Why do you think that milk was delivered to people’s homes years ago?
What other dairy products might have been delivered besides milk?
Historical Challenges
Find out why home delivery of dairy products is no longer available in most parts of New York.
Interdisciplinary Connections
Math: If two pints equal one quart, and the milkman delivers milk by the quart, how many quarts of milk do you think a family would use in one day?
Science: Why isn’t milk sold in glass bottles anymore? What does homogenization do for milk?
English Language Arts: Pretend that you are a milkman. Write a journal entry about a day at work.
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Lesson Topic:

Historical Context
Many years ago, people would have milk delivered every day to their homes by the milkman.  At first, ice was used to keep the milk cold in the delivery vehicles.  Later, refrigeration was used in place of the ice.  Dairies found that they could sell more of their products by going directly to the customer.
Essential Question
How does industrialization change a society?
Check for Understanding
Describe the scene in the photograph and evaluate the impact of industrialization on local communities.