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Minute Man Statue, Concord, Massachusetts, Dedicated in 1875

American Revolution. The Minute Man Statue in Concord, MA
New York State Archives, NYSA_A3045-78_647
Document Description
The Minute Man Statue (unveiled April 19, 1875) commemorating the heroic Minutemen of 1775, by Daniel Chester French, west end, Concord Bridge, Concord, Massachusetts.
This is a monument dedicated to brave soldiers. Why do our communities have monuments?
What are some monuments where you live?
What do you think would have happened if the British had taken the ammunition hidden in Concord?
What did this place have to do with the “shot heard around the world”? What does that phrase indicate about the impact of the Revolution?
Historical Challenges
Paul Revere was a jack-of-all-trades. What other businesses was he involved in besides being a Patriot?
Interdisciplinary Connections
Math: Using the scale on the map, calculate the distances between Boston, Concord, and Lexington. Did Paul Revere ride a longer or shorter distance than the British soldiers?
English Language Arts: Research another American Patriot. Present a timeline of his or her accomplishments to the class.
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Essential Question
Why are individuals honored and recognized for their contribution to a society?
Check for Understanding
Describe the object in the photograph and explain the significance of this statue in American society.