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Modes of Transportation, New York Public Library, New York City, 1916

New York. New York City. New York Public Library
New York State Archives, NYSA_A3045-78_Dn_NL2
Document Description
Pedestrians, automobiles, trolley cars, and horse carriages outside of the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue and 40th Street in New York City, 1916.
How many forms of transportation can be identified in this photograph?
Place the modes of transportation in chronological order, from oldest to newest.
Name a form of transportation that was in use during this time but is not shown in this photo.
Historical Challenges
When and where did the first automobile accident in the United States take place? What was the speed limit where the accident occurred?
Interdisciplinary Connections
English Language Arts: A friend has come to visit you in New York City and wants to ride "the best transportation in the city." What are you going to ride on? Support your answer with facts about the different modes of transportation.
Nelson, Robin. Transportation Then and Now. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 2003. ISBN: 0822546361
Wilson, Anthony. Dorling Kindersley Visual Timeline of Transportation. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 1995. ISBN: 1564588807

Historical Context
This photo demonstrates a time during New York City’s history when many forms of transportation were used. 
Essential Question
How does the availability of transportation affect the economic and cultural aspects of a society?
Check for Understanding
Describe the scene in the photograph and evaluate the impact of these different forms of technology on the local community.