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New York State Library War Fund Campaign , World War I, 1917

Local Organization for New York State Library War Fund Campaign

New York State Archives, NYSA_A3167-78A_B7_WW1_Material_02
Document Description
Description of local efforts for the New York State Library War Fund Campaign in Troy, New York to raise money for World War I, 1917.
How much money did the New York State Library War Fund Campaign hope to raise?
How did the Local Library War Council plan to organize their campaign?
In what other ways could local organizations raise money for the war?
Do you think the government’s efforts to control food and fuel distributions helped or hindered the war effort?
Historical Challenges
Find evidence of other organizations that fundraised to help with the war. How successful where they in raising money?
Interdisciplinary Connections
English Language Arts: Write a letter to a person living in Troy, NY that informs them about the New York State Library War Fund Campaign.


Historical Context
Many local organizations came up with ideas and even campaigns to persuade the public to financially contribute to the war effort. Many of these campaigns promoted patriotism and sacrifice.

The New York State Library War Fund Campaign had a goal of raising money for the war by creating a Local Library War Council and implementing a plan to collect pledges from people in each squad’s local area.

Beyond financial sacrifice, many Americans contributed by planting “victory gardens”, and rationing food and supplies.  The Food Administration and Fuel Administration coordinated food and fuel distributions.

The U.S. spent about $35.5 billion on the war effort.  The government raised about 1/3 of this amount through taxes, a war-profits tax, and higher excise taxes on tobacco, liquor, and luxury goods.  It raised the rest through the selling of liberty bonds.
Essential Question
How do citizens contribute to a war effort?
Check for Understanding
Describe the process detailed in this poster and explain its purpose.